29 months

hey little bird!

happy 29 months! the big news is that there were NO CAVITIES at your dentist appointment this month whoo! i’m not sure what it is.. brushing before and after nursings? toothpaste without glycerin? the xylitol? i don’t know, but your teeth looked great! i am relieved and happy that what we are doing is working. you still hate to brush your teeth, but i feel good that whatever it is that’s working is working. whew.

you’ve also had a growth spurt this month! i like this much less. all of a sudden you’ve lost your “toddler face” and have started to look more like a kid. it’s adorable and everything but crazy too. how did you get so big so fast?? it also probably didn’t help that when i gave your a haircut recently it turned you into a brown-eyed version of your big brother. sheesh.

activities with nana

you are really starting to talk around here. it’s still pretty hard to understand you — your words are still more vowels than consonants, but you repeat many, many more words than you used to and you even sometimes try them out on your own as well. it’s another thing to be relieved about — you wouldn’t even try to repeat words for so long that it’s wonderful to hear you giving it a go. you are quite proud about it too. and adorably, when you can’t get your point across, you grab mama or papa’s chin, look directly into our eyes, and repeat the word slowly. like, “seriously, idiot, why aren’t you getting this yet?” you don’t, however, have a lot of patience for gus teasing you about your words, and i can understand that. you don’t seem to mind when mama or papa repeat your words as you say them, but it really annoys you when gus does this. i fear it’s because you realize he is teasing you, but it might just be because you don’t him to talk. i can understand that too!

we bought you a baseball bat this month with some of your birthday money from aunt nita. you played lots and lots of “nana ball” with nana when we were in lancaster this past month and then you played again at eamon’s birthday party. it might be your second favorite kind of “ball” game. you can actually hit the ball sometimes too, which is wild.

baseball guy

you continue to be quite the jokester. you like to pretend that animals in books bite you and then you say “OW!” and you laugh and laugh. you were playing a joke with me when we were reading charlie and lola the other day. there is a picture of charlie holding a glass of pink milk. you liked to point to it and say “wa-wa”. i would correct you, saying, “pink milk!” you would laugh and insist, “wa-wa!” i would say, “no, charlie is drinking pink milk!” and you would laugh and say “WA-WA!” later when we read the book again and came to that page, you started to giggle and point and say “wa-wa” just to see what i would do. i of course said “pink milk!” which made you laugh, and the game began again.

you’re really, really into shoes right now. you like your own shoes, of course, but you LOVE other people’s shoes. our kitchen and living are frequently littered with solos of varios boots and flip flops and running shoes that you have pulled out of the hall closet for tromping around. you particulalry enjoy wearing gus clone wars sneakers as you can actually go up and down stairs in those, as well as any pair of rain boots you can find. it’s very cute, especially when you are running around in mismatched boots that come up to your knees, carrying a ball or bat or something, insisting to be let loose on the outside world.

you and compito have become buddies

we’ve had quite a number of birthday parts at the end of this month and you loved them all. you are always quite excited to wish the birthday person “appy appy!” and of course, you fond of the birthday cake as well. you’ve started to recognize when we’re making birthday cards and are always happy to scribble a little drawing for the birthday friend.

you also developed your first “crush”, of sorts. our friend maya was the object of your intense affection for a few days this month. you called her “nai-nai” and talked quite a bit about her birthday party and how you would say hello to her and when we finally go to her house you bashfully went up to her saying “hi! nai-nai” until she finally acknowledged you, causing you to grin hugely and twist up your shirt in delight. at one point we even found you lying next to her, hands under your chin just like she was posed, to watch her birthday movie together.


you also went to your first day camp this month, and it was very cute. you LOVE being with other kids, even if you don’t quite know how to play with them yet. still, you enjoyed being part of the big group, doing big kid things. it was surprising to see how much you could be involved for what i think of as still a very little guy.

happy, happy little one! your mama loves you!




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