30 months

dear cal,

what a late letter this is! work has been BUSY these past few weeks and between that and getting used to the kindergarten routine, we are all wiped out around here. these letters are always late, but this is a new low, even for your mama.

reading with uncle adam

your 30th month was the first month of kindergarten for your big brother! a lot of changes for all of us. it was a little rough for us getting started, but by the end of the month we were all in a little bit of a groove. i thought you were going to be bored being stuck home with dumb old mama all day, but it turns out we know how to have a good time! but even now, coming up on three months later, you are still a little bit salty about the fact that gus gets to ride the school bus every morning. and while we do have fun just the two of us, you are always quite excited to pick up gus at the end of the day. one afternoon when we walked onto the little campus to get your brother you shouted, gleefully, “all done skoo! all done dus!”

photobombing gus’ first day of school picture

you’ve really come into your own, physically, in the last month. you’ve started to run — toddler-style still, of course, but really running nonetheless. and that is fun for you to do and fun for mama to watch. it also means, however, that you have gained a great bit of confidence in your abilities. perhaps a greater bit of confidence than your physical prowess warrants, however, as you have chosen to use this newfound power for dumb rather than good. it’s as if the “caution” switched has been completely switched off and the “what is the dumbest thing i can think of trying at the playground” switch has been flipped on. i don’t think there is a single ladder on a play structure anywhere in JP that you haven’t mastered. this is great, but the way you have been swinging, hanging off, and dropping off of things leaves quite a bit to be desired. still, we’ve been to the ER for a broken bone before, so i guess we’re already well acquainted with the routine.

who has time for shirts and pants anyway?

your brother asked for gummy bunnies for his lunch treat for the first week of school and i happily obliged. and suddenly this disgusting treat is your favorite obsession. you get one packet a day and some times it’s all i have to say to get you to agree to go home for lunch. i honestly can’t waste for us to run out of this grossness. and then i will never buy those nasty things again.

too cool for school

your sleep is a mess. again. as usual. whatever. this is so annoying that i have no words. sometimes i can put you to sleep on a run in the stroller. sometimes.

apple cider donut #2

you’re really starting to talk like a crazy person. you have almost no consonants, so it can be challenge to figure out what you are saying out of context, but you still speak often and well enough that we stopped going to speech. yes, you will have to significantly improve your pronunciation in the next few months or you will start to have speech therapy for articulation once you turn 3, but your expressive language is no longer a concern for anyone. and that is pretty cool.


and even though you don’t have a lot of consonants right now, that doesn’t mean you’re not trying. this month you learned the two most famous toddler words “MINE” and “NO.” it should be annoying, but after so long without either, it’s actually kind of cute. and amazing the number of things you must have been wanting to lay claim to all these months, poor guy. you are kind of going through a MINE overload. also, you enjoy saying “no” so much that you often say no when you really DO want something. so you often end up saying something like “NAO!” pause “yesh.

apple picker

you became good friends with compito this month. you really enjoy doing things together. eating lunch, reading a book, having a sleep (although we have had to make some rules about how compito behaves at bedtime. he can get quite wild and distracting, that stinker). you love to carry him around and give him kisses and have him nurse and generally just enjoy his company. we once ate an entire meal together where compito had to have the bite first or you wouldn’t eat it. how considerate of you.

ball time!

we got you all measure up this month (your pediatrician wanted to check on your speech and your size): you are 33 1/2 inches tall, 23 lbs and 4 ounces heavy, and your head is an average 40 cm around. you are tiny, tiny guy, but growing consistently on the same curve. someday i will have to take your skinny, skinny grandfathers in to the office with me, and your pediatrician will be much assured. or freaked out. either way, i think he will finally understand why you are such a wee guy. in the mean time, you do enjoy eating quite a bit, and have even been know to have a growth spurt or two, so we are not worried about this on our end.

30 months

happy belated half birthday, my little love.

love always,




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