31 months

dear baby bird,

LATE AGAIN! i can never catch up these days.

well, in any event, this past month has been fun, of course, as always. you have discovered the joys of marble track! this of course is a pain for mama and papa but fun to watch you with nevertheless. you like elaborate tracks, but mostly if we just put a couple of ramps in a row you are pleased as punch. this means that there are marbles all over the house again (i just found one in gus’ bed) and marble tracks all over the living room. but what a big kid you are getting to be, playing with the big kid toys.

which means, of course, that you like “EEyos” as well — the legos. the duple set we got on freecycle a free years ago that then got supplemented last christmas by the family are such a great idea. you and gus love to play EEyos together. your favorite is “HI EEyos”, where you stack all the 2 or 4 knob legos you can find into the highest tower you can make. you enjoy stacking the legos nearly as much as you enjoy smashing the tower down once it’s reached whatever height you’ve deemed tower completion. your brother likes to make lego guns or robots for the both of you to right with, and also “lego marble track runs”. it’s awesome for you both have a game to do together.

you are really digging trains these days

you are TALKING so much these days. it’s getting easier for folks who are not mama to understand you. context still is a big help, but you are able to generally speak with friends, family, and strangers without *too* much extra translation. this is very satisfying for you (and for mama and papa). you still say “my” for “i” which is awesome. like the other day when you were playing on the ipad you kept shouting, “MY YIN!” your version of “i won!”

i cut your hair this month TWICE. i cut yours and gus’ one week and then 10 days later yours was long enough to cut again. i’m not sure what the deal is — does hair have growth spurts?? but your mop is definitely coming in something fierce. although darker than this summer, it’s still the same color as gus’. i thought it would perhaps start to darken by now, but i guess not yet. maybe never? we’ll have to wait and see.

like for your brother before you, the golfball room at the children’s museum is a huge hit 

speaking of talking, you are now brave enough to address family and friends by name. in fact, the other day you hollered, as we were getting out of the car, “HI AIM! HI EE-OS! HI DO!” we were all surprised and quite tickled. we had never heard you say anyone else’s names before. i guess i knew you knew them, but hearing you say them TO the people they belong to is quite adorable.

you had a couple of significant crashes this month. first you busted open your chin, which while not particularly messy, is leaving a small bit of a scar. a few days later, you bit hard on the bottom of your bottom lip coming down the slide! poor baby! your were fine in a few minutes, but the silly part of the great tragedy is that mama and papa were at gus’ parent/teacher conference, so a friend was watching you instead. she felt TERRIBLE — although i assured her (and of course she also knew) that the same thing would have happened if i had been there anyway — but i think what made her feel worse was that neither she nor anyone else at the playground had wet wipes. when we came to pick you and gus up from the playground, you looked like you were auditioning for a part in a haunted house. when we got home and you looked at your face in the mirror, even YOU were quite shocked. you also might have a little scar from that fall, but it healed very quickly as well.


you’ve gone on a bunny rampage this month. you LOVE any form or animal cracker type cookie and it is often the first thing you demand as soon as you are feeling a little peckish. for awhile i had them on hand, but then it began to get a bit out of hand. i don’t mind you having bunnies sometimes, but ALL the time? sometimes you have to eat some grow food too, my little friend.

we are reading more and more books together these days. it’s so nice! you like to pull a few off the shelf at the library for us to read together before we go home. you have a few favorites that we should probably just buy — dinosaurs a to z, for one, we’ve had to renew several weeks in a row. you have started to pull books off the shelves to read to yourself too. i love seeing my little ones to into books!

see? you LOVE reading time

you dropped your nap this month. finally. i’m relieved, i guess. i mean, i liked the days when you napped to be sure, but it makes bedtime so much more reasonable and easier to deal with. you still do need a snooze every 2 weeks or so, but in general, while you’re thrilled to go upstairs for a 45 minute nursing session, it doesn’t knock you out anymore. neither does the car, or the stroller, or walking in the wrap. it think it’s a bit early for these tricks, but i’m not sure what else to do. you win this round, stinker.

we made it the whole way around the pond for the lantern parade this year. you were an ADORABLE ROWR and the rest of our crew were quite cute in their costumes, too. you needed to be shoulder ridden for quite  a bit of the way, but that’s understandable. it’s a long walk to such a little guy so close to bedtime. and while beautiful, the whole thing is rather stressful as well, trying to keep up with friends, keep 5 yr olds somewhat reined in, etc. still, a fantastic tradition and it was fabulous to do it with both you.

even ROWRS like oatmeal cookies

you’ve become quite the climber these days as well. because you are tiny, this can make other parents at the playground QUITE nervous. they think you are much younger — and therefore much less skilled — than you actually are. but it’s rare that you slip and often even when you do you catch yourself and keep going. it can be nerve wracking, to be sure, but it’s also rather impressive, too.

we had your hearing tested this month, just to make sure that wasn’t impeding your speech (your big challenge right now is articulation). but everything in that department checked out just fine!

papa took the two of you to pick out pumpkins for jack o’lanterns. how are we supposed to carve those tiny little things??

you had a filling fall off one of your front teeth. it was a drag, because we had to pay out of pocket (ugh!), but you were QUITE patient with getting it replaced. you laid very still with your head in the dentist’s lap and quite calmly waited for it to be put back on. i was so stressed that you might have to be put under again! the dentist was flabbergasted at your behavior. thanks for being such a rockstar, little sir!

happy 31 months, littlest bear!




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