32 months

dear sweet not-actually-a-baby-anymore boy,

we are catching up from halloween.. HALLOWEEN! sheesh. you sure did enjoy that holiday. you got to go to your very own halloween party at your friend eamon’s house when the big kids were at a party at ezra’s. you weren’t interested in wearing your costume, but you loved the cookies eamon made for the two of you (and the cupcakes we brought) and you loved getting to play together — both inside and out. all of us browns marveled at how cute the two of you were playing ball together in the backyard. you’re tiny little fellows, but you sure do know how to have a good time.

you enjoyed the big day, too. we had to bribe you to wear your costume — basically we told you that if you wanted folks to give you candy you needed to put your ROWR on. this made you sigh, but you did it. and you were very adorable. like every other child i have known before you, you were totally delighted by the idea that all you had to do was ask nicely and folks all over the place gave you candy! i had to go to farmer’s to you a little early, but papa was able to leave work to come with us, so he took you to a pizza party after centre street and then to a cool spooky housing co-op after that. we didn’t make it to trick-or-treating on our own street this year, unfortunately, everyone was too pooped by the time we got home, but you and your big brother still got a pretty good haul. you enjoyed having candy every night for the next week or so as well.



dis ROWR

we started night weaning this month, much to your dismay. i’m not super excited about it either, but i need to get more sleep, so you get less nighttime moo-ees, sorry love. we still do bedtime and morning time, though, and i think that helps. it means papa is taking you up to bed sometimes now, too, and that also is pretty great for everyone. but the night weaning, means, of course, that you are eating A LOT during the day now. it’s going to put us out of house and home keeping you in snacks, my friend! but it’s fun to see you eat so much, too.

we’ve started to let you have a little bit of screen time, which means maybe 5-10 minutes of youtube sesame street videos a handful of times a week. your FAVORITE is “ono bask’ball”, which is a skit in which elmo chats about the number 3 with 3 harlem globetrotters. your second favorite is one with grover, where he tries to be as good as a basketball player as two new york knicks. we’ve occasionally branched out into other sesame street clips and you will watch other things if we put them on, at least for a little bit, but pretty much the only thing you REALLY want to watch is “basketball”. you LOVE basketball. 


camp adventure went to a corn-amaze together this month

you had a crazy hair growth spurt this month. you and gus needed a trim, so i gave one to both of you. a week later, you needed another. two weeks after that, ANOTHER. gus’ hair hadn’t grown at all, as near as i could tell. i can’t believe that as tiny as you are, your body decided that HAIR was a priority, but there you go. it’s stilly really blonde, too and doesn’t appear yet to be growing in any darker. i’m so curious to see how long you will stay blonde!

you finally fit into 2T pajamas! this is a good thing, as winter is coming and gus was out of 18 months by the cold weather. i was worried we wouldnt’ have any footie pajamas for you this year! you LOVE wearing footie pajamas like your big brother. and of course, you both are INCREDIBLY cute in them.


pappy came to visit this month

we had another wonderful thanksgiving with friends this year. you enjoyed having guests over as always, and mama and papa enjoyed all the delicious food as well (you ate more than your big brother did, anyway, so that is something).

we watched a friend’s little girl one morning this month and you were LOVELY with her. sometimes you don’t like “babies” (she’s about a little over a year younger than you are), but you were incredibly sweet with shona, playing games, sharing toys, and trying to make her laugh. it was a really delightful morning for us both.


apparently this is what happens when mama tries to go to the bathroom all by herself

you’re also really starting to make friends with kids about your own age, too. at simi’s birthday

party this year, eamon asked if you would like to go to the zoo with him. YES you wanted to go and YES you wanted to ride in the car with eamon, too. you didn’t look back ONCE to see if i was coming along. i was pretty impressed. papa and i met you and our friends there, and apparently the two of you had held hands and chattered the whole ride to the zoo. you still can’t always figure out the best way to play together, but it’s so fun to see you starting to negotiate social interactions with a friend. you talk about eamon a lot and about the things you would like to do together. it’s really very sweet.



cal and eamon at the bird house

happy happy 32 months, my growing-up-boy!



mama forgot to take your 32 month photo! oh no!




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