tree hunting

we went to get our Christmas tree the first weekend in December. back to smolak farm, where they drill a hole in your tree trunk for the stand strait tree stand, which seriously has changed our tree standing lives.


cal wants that one

we were rushing a little this year, because gus and papa had a date with lucas and joe to see the “how the grinch stole christmas” musical, so we didn’t stop to roast marshmallows or even get out of the car long enough to see their reindeer or other farm animals.

it is still not TOO difficult to choose a tree. gus tends to like the REALLY big ones:


tallest one on the lot

but can usually be talked into a more reasonably sized one:


this one is good too

papa always thinks we need to get a little one:


ridiculous, papa

cal is still happy with just about anything. but after not too much trouble, we found one everyone likes.


our tree

papa and gus cut it down.


gus was so proud to help


it always takes longer than jeremy thinks

this year we had a special helper for bringing the tree down to the trunk drillers



last year papa had to carry it across the field himself

we got the lights on right away, but didn’t get the ornaments on for a few days. it turned out pretty nice, though!


tree decorators


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