33 months

dear baby bear,

i am not so late this month! and i cannot believe in less than 3 months you will be THREE YEARS OLD. i wish i could say the time hasn’t flown, but it HAS. you are sitting here next to me doing “computer time.” what?? you are quite good with the ipad too. your favorite games are virus vs virus and fairy fail. you also enjoy a good couple of rounds of angry birds. although you enjoy watching gus play zamurai zombies (a “gaga game”), you don’t usually play that one yet. we’re slowly letting you do some screen time. a youtube video or three in the evening (mostly elmo and grover basketball) and ipad time a few days a week. i had planned to wait until 3, but you’re quitting napping has thrown a bit of a wrench in that. some afternoons i just really need a little bit of please-leave-mama-alone time. you are great at playing by yourself, so we haven’t enforced quiet time for you yet. we’ll probably do a little bit of that soon after 3, though.


tree hunter

you’re still coming up with more and more to say! i can’t even guess how many words you have, but it’s MANY. it’s getting easier for non-immediate family folks to understand you, but you still have a bit of a ways to go with your consonants. but context helps a lot and you are occasionally adding new sounds from time to time as well. one of our favorite expressions of your is “YA DA ECK??!!” (WHAT THE HECK??!!). you’ve also started to tell me things like “NOT. YET.” or “OLD. ON. MAMA”. you also like to sing (“I nake-ed, I nake-ed”) when you or your brother is disrobed.

you enjoyed lighting — and blowing out — the solstice candles this year in particular. after the first couple of nights you kept asking when we could “do appy bir’day?” so it was a good lesson that not all candle lightings are for birthdays as well.


“dee-nul is a dood dod”

you’re starting to be able to play board games with us. you can do a little bit of candyland, a little bit of uncle wiggely, a little bit of sorry sliders. you are not too bad at taking turns, but most games still go on too long for your attention span. it’s still so fun to see that we will get to do some games together in this next year. i’m so excited to play games with you and your big brother! you and gus got a lot of cool games for solstice and Christmas and we spend a lot of time going through the games in the attic together, so to say i am ready for this milestone is a bit of an understatement. i think the same is true for you as well.

you and gus have started to play a lot more together without mama and papa around as well. not only is this super adorable, it’s a great break for us as well. your favorite is, of course, to go upstairs to play “atty ball”. i am pretty sure mama and papa would not approve of a lot of the antics that go on up there, but it’s good for you two to start working these things out on your own as well.


helping papa sink gus’ battleship

your love for basketball has been rewarded with the return of college ball. you find it so exciting that you can’t even sit down to watch! you and papa stand there in front of the tv, yelling. maybe some day we’ll somehow get ahold of some cheap Celtic tickets for the two of you.

you and gus were sick this month. it’s hard to say who had it rougher. gus got in the middle of the night, was lethargic and fever the whole next day, and then threw up a couple of times from the evening until the next morning. he had a fever then for the next two days, but took about 3 days to recover after that. you only had a fever for two days and only threw up once, but it took you AGES and AGES to get your strength, energy, and appetite back. i think part of it was your body taking advantage of your defenses being down and just making you nap as much as possible! i’m glad you got lots of rest, but i feel bad that were stuck inside for so many days! between gus being sick and you being sick and the frequently miserable weather, we hardly spent any time outside at all!


helping gus defeat smaug

this means, of course, that we brought some wild boys with us to visit nana and grandpa for Christmas! but you at least when outside for a bit with evelyn when we were in pennsylvania and for quite a few days here with nana and grandpa. you were both so stir crazy on Christmas Eve that i made you both take a walk in the snow in the dark with me. that was actually quite beautiful, even though you occasionally drug your feet a bit.

speaking of the winter holidays, we had a WONDERFUL several days of celebration together. first solstice at home — you got lots of fun gifts from mama and papa and gus and grandma and pappy and auntie m. and then again in new oxford you got to open Christmas presents with evelyn and baby liam from aunt cheley and uncle trooper and uncle birdlegs and auntie diver — we got to chat on the computer with grandma and pappy and auntie m for these openings, which was great! and then in virginia, we opened stockings and more great gifts with and from nana and grandpa and uncle adam and great-nana and great-grandpa. you and your brother are lucky, lucky little guys (mama and papa too!).


playing balls with baby liam

you got a little bit sick again in virginia — a little bit of a fever and now we all have colds. oh winter time.

what a beautiful holiday season with you, little one. how lucky we all are to have you.


33 months





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