20+ weeks

we’re supposed to be grocery shopping right now, but calum, who has been a clingy, snotty mess for the past 10 days or so (so have we all, really), is at the kitchen table with a bowl full of bunnies (animal crackers), playing with and singing to each one as he eats them. which is either really adorable or completely morbid, depending on how you think about it. so while he gives me a quite moment, i thought i’d try to squeeze in a quick tiniest hero update.

we saw one of our midwives on tuesday, after a series of reschedulings that took place due to various versions of the flu or flu-like fever bug the kids had last week. her 18 month old was there (she usually meets with clients on weds and thurs when she has childcare and she was hoping her little one would be asleep while we were there). she was an obnoxious delight. a typical toddler who was very curious and busy, not interested in sharing, and very interested in squeezing the living @#&% out of one of calum’s cheeks (I NO YIKE DAT!). the midwife apologized several times for the little one’s antics, but honestly, she was a delight. the appointments are very laid back and we don’t cover anything that a busy little would actually distract from. i thought it was fun, although calum probably felt a little otherwise.

i didn’t appear to gain any weight (still 132), but it was a different scale, so it’s quite possible that i was overweighed last time and next time at the first midwife’s home it will look like i gained TONS in a month. it doesn’t matter to me, the weight check is only to confirm that everything is growing along. it would perhaps be more concerning if there was weight loss, but again, with the different scales it’s hard to say anyway. the fundus was right where it is supposed to be, so again, everything seems fine on the growing front.

we tried to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler (it’s interesting to me how our midwife with calum used only a fetoscope but these midwives use the doppler), but tiniest hero was having none of it. the fetus CAN feel the waves from the doppler, and while hopefully not too uncomfortable, it appears that tiniest hero does NOT like it at all. we heard a beat or two several times before tiniest hero swishes away. after several minutes, the midwife finally said, “instead of a count, what if we just write, ‘heartbeat = yes’?”. that was fine with me!

i’m feeling generally better, more energetic, less crazy cranky, more able to eat just about anything. i thought maybe my appetite was finally decreasing to a more manageable 3 meals plus a snack or two, but that apparently was just the cold i had (still lingering, but am finally in what feels like a recovery period). i’m back up to 6 meals a day or more, thank you. i’m starting to have a bit of heartburn — mostly from when i’ve eaten too much in one setting — but it’s manageable. folks who are not “in the know” now feel brave enough to comment on my “condition”. we only have two more monthly appointments yet and then it’s already time to go to every two weeks. despite this being our third time round the bend, i’m SHOCKED that it appears we are actually going to get a tiny new baby out of all of this.

and now calum has finished his bunnies and i suppose we should finally go get something to cook for dinner tonight!


One thought on “20+ weeks

  1. hope you made it to the store . . .I did not . . .snow coming down and plenty of things for me to do here . . .enjoy your day!


    Have a nice day! Have a cup of tea!


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