34 months

dear calum,

what a literal little bird you are becoming. we can’t call you ANYTHING affectionate without you correcting, “no, i DA-YUM”. i forgot about that part about almost 3. it’s very cute.

i keep forgetting to mention that you have been officially and completely weaned for about 2 months now. you will point to my breasts and my belly and say “moo-ee, moo-ee, day-dee” (nursings, nursings, baby), but you don’t ask for moo-ees in the middle of the night anymore. you do weird creepy things like shove your flat hands under me (??!!) and ram your face into mine in some neaderthal-type snuggling thing. it makes co-sleeping.. still interesting. but we both are getting more sleep this way, and that is good. like your brother, you like to have some drinks of water in the middle of the night. i am fascinated by this; i’m so curious to know if you both night nursed for so long because you get thirsty in the middle of the night or if you get thirsty in the middle of the night because you night nursed for so long. it’s no bother, though, to have your water bottle on hand, and considering you are often too busy to stop long enough for a pee, let alone a drink of water, it’s not too surprising to me that you have midnight sips.

2012 12 31 friendsnew year’s games with friends

you’re an incredibly sweet, thoughtful little fellow. you seem very sincere when you check in on someone after a crash, “yo o-day?” you ask, often putting a hand on the person’s shoulder and looking concernedly into their eyes. this is often followed up by a pat on the head and at least one kiss and hug. if you are not your punkass older brother, it’s very hard not to forgive you even if you’ve been particularly obnoxious šŸ™‚ you also will often ask, “may i?” when you want to do something. it’s particularly charming and hard to resist. like the time you came downstairs when you were supposed to be asleep and asked, “may i yatch yun ono bas’k’ball?” of course we let you, stinker.

you are also a total potty pro. sure you still have an occasional accident and you are still figuring out how to take your pants up and down, but these things take AGES to work out. but although we take a spare part of pants and underpants everywhere we go, we almost never need them and i am actually all out of travel wipes (living on the edge, we are). you are starting to foray into the adventures of standing to pee, and it’s pretty damn cute to see your tiny self trying negotiate the big potty without a stool (there’s always a stool there, you just sometimes like to be big enough not to use it). the only real hitch to our system is your lack of distinction between “pooping” and “peeing”. more than once you have adamantly declared you need to poop, when in fact, it is the other business. it’s not that i mind helping you get to the potty in any situation, but when we are out and about, it’s a totally different kind of emergency for one call versus the other! ha!

on the way home from Christmas in virginia this year (which was a wonderful, wonderful holiday as usual), it snowed quite a bit. for most of the travel it was not GREAT but safe. the weather was simply annoying. when we were just under 2 hours away from home, however, the snow get really bad and papa and i decided the very smartest and safest thing to do would be to find a place to spend the night. we took the soonest exit that had a sign for hotels and pulled into the first we saw. we had to eat cold leftovers from the car for dinner, and i think you kids had cold peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but you and gus thought it was AWESOME. we gave you both baths, turned the heat up (too much, actually, and then we had to turn it way back down again), and then put the sports on. the only source of conflict was the fact that gus loves to watch football and you love basketball. i thought it would be miserable stuck in a little hotel room hours because two kids who had napped in the car would be ready for sleep but apparently your idea of a dream vacation is watching sports all evening long. we slept in and then had a gross hotel breakfast in the morning (gus had part of cheese danish and most of a belgian waffle and you had a chocolate chocolate chip muffin) that you both loved and then hit the road for home. not how we expected our road trip home to be, but an unexpectedly pleasant surprise, all things considered, in the end.

2013 01 09 storytime

books and boogers, two of your favorite things

we celebrated new year’s with your and gus’ favorite friends this year — we met lucas and eamon and their parents at their house and then all took the train to downtown crossing together. we thought we could see the first night ice sculptures, but they had moved them to copley this year. the three bigger kids wrestled for awhile (you decided it was TOO COLD, so i put you in the wrap on my back and papa fed you bites of crunchies), then we took the green line to copley (this was so exciting for you little ones), and then took the train home where we had dinner at the goldings’. we stayed a little too late (it was 8 when we left! the scandal!) because all 4 of you little guys were playing so happily together and then mama and papa went to bed not long after the two of you. it was a really lovely way to ring in the new year.

you’ve basically given up your nap completely. occasionally you will crash out in the car on the way to pick gus up from school, but otherwise it doesn’t seem like you miss it all. this means you go to bed around 7:30 every night and are asleep by about 8 — the same as gus. you tend to sleep in a little bit later than your brother does (gus is usually up by 7 and you are more like 7:30), but that’s really the only concession you seem to make to actually needing more sleep! i would like a bit of a break in the afternoons, but the 7:30-8 bedtime is so much preferable than the 9:30-10 you would be swinging with nap that, well, we just didn’t fight you much when you decided you were done with that business. it does make our afternoon planning A LOT less crazy, too.

2013 01 16 snowbody ii

and then we had a snowball fight!

you are really into books these days. you love choosing books to read at the library and at home. we usually take at least one book up for bedtime. you and i often read several books together every afternoon (or.. one or two books several times). i can’t stress enough how delightful it is to share books with you and gus.

you aren’t, however, entirely clear on the concept of the “library”. you seem to have it confused with the grocery store. we have a lot of miscommunication issues!

you are also getting into games. you can play short, fast games (you love the sneaky, snacky squirrel game your got from uncle birdlegs for Christmas, sliders, and ants in the can) and you can even hang for a little bit during longer, slower games if we are okay letting you be fast and loose with the rules. which mama and papa are totally fine with and gus usually finds a particular challenge šŸ™‚

2013 01 01 sneaky snack squirrel

sneaky, snacky squirrel

we have all had miserable colds this past month, which has introduced you into the art of nose picking. you are found of digging and then holding your treasure out with a “yoot!” (look). once when papa was holding but not paying attention to you, you held one out with your usual “yoot!” and papa assumed you were sharing a snack with him and he ate it. ha!

you have a pretty big appetite when you aren’t feeling under the weather. it’s like we are trying to feed two pregnant ladies in here. your favorite place to have a snack is “in woom” — in the living room — “i eat it in woom?” small wonder that i need to sweep 7 times a day.

i can’t believe you soon will be 3! such a big little one you are! weren’t you just in my belly? i am never going to get over how fast this growing business happens.

2013 01 26 ROWR

dis my rowr

happy 34 months, sweetest calum.




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