busy guy

the T is running this morning after the big snowstorm of feb 2013, but the mayor is still advising as many folks to work at home today as possible. so jeremy is doing his staff meeting over the phone in the guest room this morning while our very snotty kids and i are about to do a woodworking project gus got from uncle birdlegs for Christmas.

cal, however, was unimpressed with jeremy’s decision to stay home. since papa is not going to go to work, he decided HE would be the one to bring home the tempeh bacon today.

DSC_0030he put both boots and one mitten on all by himself, said, “i dotta do work!” and headed out the door. 2 seconds later he was back, “iss dold. i need ‘at”.



he realized he needed a backpack for work too..

DSC_0031.. then he gave goodbye kisses and headed out the door.

i had to stop him at the top of the steps! if it wasn’t such a cold day, i definitely would have been curious to see where “his work” actually is.



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