~24 weeks

another midwife appointment last week. we could hear the heartbeat for more than a few seconds this time; i think the little one was sleeping. tiniest hero hangs out in mostly the same place, on my right side, bum wedged under my ribs. limbs all over the place as limbs tend to be. it’s crazy, though. when i lie down there is a huge lump on the right side and the left side is a little bit saggy.

my blood pressure was very low (92/50). almost to hypotension levels. it’s always pretty low — i’m often a runner and mostly a vegan and i have always been fairly active and have eaten fairly healthily, so having low blood pressure is not an unusual thing. but i think the fact that i have had a cold for most of the last 8 weeks and have been unable to sleep with my mouth shut for about 6 of them means i am rather dehydrated this winter as well — one factor that can contribute to hypotension. so i’ve just been trying to drink even a little bit more water and tea and coconut water (somewhat okay tasting natural coconut drink loaded with electrolytes, which means easy water retention; straight water can sometimes just get peed right now) and put a little bit more salt on my food. the hydration bit is a little tougher, when i have a cold water tastes terrible and trying to fill up on warm tea is not so easy either, but it’s not so hard to add more salt, and then that helps with the hydrating too.

not really a big thing overall, but the low blood pressure things explains so much to me about my general health and well-being while pregnant! i’ve always been astonished how almost immediately after becoming pregnant that i become exhausted by the littlest things. that i can go from running 6 miles with almost no effort to barely being able to handle 3 just days after peeing on a stick. it always frustrated me, because i have known so many folks who have continued running throughout their pregnancies and it always made me feel like a wimp. but pregnancy hormones vasodilate the veins, making the blood pressure lower, meaning less oxygen to the muscles overall, making exercise more difficult. in my case, i already have low blood pressure, so EVEN LOWER blood pressure to begin with means i’m even more affected by pregnancy vasodilation. pregnancy sure does wild things to the body!

i’ve gained weight this time, although it’s uncertain just how much. two months ago i weighed in at about 132. then a month later i weighed the same amount at our other midwife’s house. it seems unlikely that i hadn’t gained ANY weight in a month given all that i have been regularly consuming (even with my cold-induced suppressed appetite i am eating more than jeremy), but we chalked it up to different scales. well this last time, at the first midwife’s, i weighed in at 141 lbs. i probably did not gain 9 lbs in one month (although it is possible, all my maternity clothes still fit the same, so i’m not sure where it is going. it’s definitely not all placenta and baby an amniotic fluid), so it will be interesting to see what i weigh at my next appointment, at the second midwife’s. but it is fair to say that i am at least gaining weight and the baby is growing normally as well. my belly is really starting to show and the fundus is right where it should be. i am at my peak pregnancy cuteness right now, which is very fun. soon enough i will be unwieldy and uncomfortable. we are approaching that point already! but for now, it’s fun to be fairly adorable.

i have heartburn already, yay. and some braxton hicks, which i seem to notice most when they are on my lower belly making me have to pee. the kids are really getting into my belly. they like to feel kicks (gus, said, “WHOA MAMA!”; calum likes to just sit with his hand carefully in place for as long as i will let him) and the like to kiss and hug the baby. calum has his own baby in his belly, although he says, his belly is NOT as big as mama’s (no joke, my friend).

winter storms here in new england are making it difficult to make it feel as if spring and babies will ever arrive, but my next appointment is my last monthly one — and the first one of my third trimester! we’ll be on an every 2 weeks schedule for two months thereafter and then — so soon! — we’ll be onto weekly meet ups.

goodness, tiniest hero, what is the rush?! although this weather does remind me that i wouldn’t mind a glass of red wine or two. sigh.



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