35 months

dear calum,

ohmygoodness you are almost 3! you are so excited about this. you have been talking about having a birthday for two months now. it’s kind of intense. you already know what kind of cake you want and all the details about your party, etc. we haven’t heard as much lately — i think even you got a little tired about talking about the birthday that is still almost a month away — but for weeks on end you brought your birthday up almost daily. it’s cute in that really annoying 2/3 yr old kind of way. i promise, though, we definitely have plans to do it up!


oh but you have been stubborn about bedtime this month!

you also apparently had a very, very good time at nana and grandpa’s house this winter.  you frequently say things like, “i yike dis dong! i eard it at nana and grandpa’s ouse!” it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that actually happened at nana and grandpas house, you just enjoy recalling fondly things that you may or may not have done while we were in virginia. it’s very cute and i just take it as a sign that you had a wonderful visit and not that you are either (a) crazy or (b) a pathological liar. yet.

this month you did a research experiment at harvard. they are looking at the timing around when kids learn the difference between counting to 2 and then counting to any other number higher than 2. you are, hilariously, in the first group. the researcher would line fish up for you and you would count them together. well, you counted “yun, tee, teree, something something something seyen aight nine den!” i have no idea why you could learn 7 8 9 10 but 4 5 6 ha! but then he would ask you to put 1 fish in a hat and you would. he would ask you to put 2 fish in a hat and you would. he would then ask you to put 3 fish in a hat and you would collect all of the fish and put them in the hat. so fascinating! we took a computer program home with us that was, i believe, trying to teach you how to learn to count to three. there was a monsters, a spider, and some shapes. the spider would say “the monster wants the <object> with 3 <objects> on it. find in the <object> with 3 <objects> on it.” i think you caught on after a few days about which ones you were supposed to choose, but i think you also just really enjoyed playing the game, and so i think you often chose incorrectly to continue the experience. the best part is when you chose correctly — the monster would then eat the object, making a crunching noise. you would say, “dunch dunch!” it was hilarious to me every time. you also spent the whole week counting things, “7 8 9 10 9 8” etc. when we went back, we did the fish routine again, and, same results. it was very cute and i had to try not to laugh. child development is so crazy — i love that at some point something in your brain will switch and you will begin to understand that there are more numbers higher than 1 and 2.


you love playing board games with the big kids

you are becoming more like an obstinate 3 yr old every day. it’s cute — as 3 yr olds are — and it’s sometimes super frustrating — as 3 yr olds are. but one of my favorite stubborn cute qualities that you possess at the moment is your set of strict rules regarding bedtime songs. i sometimes sing you go to sleep little baby, but you are not pleased with the lyrics i typically choose. if i say “go to sleep you little babe” you insist that you are not a baby you are CALUM. so i have to switch it to that. if i say “you and me and papa make 3” you insist that it is, in fact, you and me and CALUM who make three. if i sing about “mamas gone to town with her red shoes on” (my own mixed up version of the actual lyrics, but what can you do?) you laugh and don’t let me continue until i fix it to “mamas gone to bed with her pajamas on” as, frankly, that’s clearly the more correct version in your own personal experience anyway. it can get a little silly and distracting, but it sill makes you sleepy, so we still stick to it. also you always want a song about basketballs, of which i know none, so that’s always an interesting compromise.


mighty monkey maker

your favorite book this month seems to be little pea. it’s a cute little book about a pea who hates to eat his dinner (candy) but loves dessert (spinach). it does not make you want to eat spinach, but you and gus think it’s HA-LARIOUS that little pea gets to eat candy every night and so you love to hear it over and over again. in fact, you both have it almost memorized, which is very fun (gus can read most of the parts he doesn’t have memorized, too! wild). for once it’s actually a book that doesn’t make me totally crazy, so i don’t mind reading and reading AND READING it.


baby it’s windy

you and gus went to the dentist this month. as i suspect, you have a little cavity in one of your front teeth, but the dentist agreed we should just keep an eye on it and keep putting some fluoride on it. we’re also starting to brush your teeth once a day with fluoride toothpaste while simultaneously trying to teach you to spit. spitting is not your bag, so i try to use as little fluoride toothpaste as possible. we’re all worried about your new molars, though. they already look like they will probably get cavities before too long. what a drag! we will do our best to keep them as clean as possible, but i think you just might have to get them capped. the good news is that the dentist thinks you will hopefully be old enough by then to get them done in the office — without general anesthesia! whew!

we got through another month of having a cold. sheesh. this winter DRAGS. and lots and LOTS of snow. we are all so ready for springtime and playgrounds in this house! it’s been warm enough and we’ve been well enough to get outside a little bit this month, but it’s just not enough. and we hilariously all get wiped out immediately after. it’s so pathetic how much we’ve been stuck inside this winter! and crazy how much it snowed this february! you do love the snow, though, even if it’s been difficult for us to fully enjoy it (too deep or too frozen or too slushy, etc).


35 months

oh my fast growing little one, mama loves you very much!

love, always,



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