now we are 6

dear august,

6. wow. 6 is the earliest year of my own life that i remember the most of. part of that is because it was the year your pappy got a video camera and so i’ve seen the most live action viewing of that time due to all the silly things we captured forever. maybe that is partly why 6 seems so big to me — auntie m was only 4 then and uncle trooper was just a babe — so maybe at 6 i was starting to feel really grownup. i’m so floored to have a 6 yr old that i’ve just given up on trying to keep you small forever. apparently there is nothing i can do about this growing up thing so i’ve decided to try to get used to it.

5 was really a wonderful year with you. we finished up your pre-school last spring and then the summer was a total blast — so much outside time and beach going! we got to see a lot of your friends and you really started to feel “best friends” with two of your buddies and it was so amazing seeing you deepening and cementing friendships with other kids because of shared interests and not just your parents forcing you together all the time. we did a pretty good amount of visiting this summer with family and that was pretty wonderful too. you really learned how to swim and you are making such good friends with both sets of your grandparents that it’s truly delightful to just sit back and watch you enjoy your family.

you can ride a bike now. like a lot of things that don’t come easily to you at first, the pedal bike was a bit frustrating in the beginning. it’s much heavier than your balance bike, and higher. you have to use the brakes, really, not your feet, to stop and that used to make you angry. but by the end of the good weather you really had gotten the hang of it and i am looking forward to getting it out again this spring. i think we may even get a bike lock and have you try riding it to school sometimes (there is a very excellent bike path between here and there).

you brush your own teeth, wash your own body (i still wash your hair), wipe your bum, floss your teeth and put your laundry away. you put your dishes away after meals, dress yourself for school and outside (even all your winter gear, although sometimes you need help with mittens). you do your own homework and have begun to read (!). you love math and singing and dancing, although it took you awhile to warm up to doing these things at school. you are a whiz at the iPad, of course, and continue to enjoy board games. you have really begun to enjoy drawing and continue to love playing soccer, although there is some talk about trying basketball soon.

your bedtime is about 7:30 during the school year and a little later during the summer when it stays light longer. you love to play outside and with friends. running and jumping and wrestling continue to be some of your favorite things to do with friends, although you did do an acting class this fall that you LOVED. you are really getting into playing imagination games with your knights and castle and legos and star wars figures. you like to build duplo structures, although the smaller legos you prefer to follow directions to finish specific model pieces and then play with them.

you love where’s waldo books and we are really into the “worst witch” chapter books right now. you also still really enjoy picture books and love reading them to yourself as much as you love having them read to you. you often read to yourself during the day and either mama or papa read to you a little bit every night at bedtime. i’m so grateful to get a little bit of time every other evening to share stories (and sometimes a song) with you.

the transition to kindergarten was a little rough — although much less so than i worried it would be, honestly. you were quite quiet and shy for the first few weeks, and then it seemed once you got the hang of all the rules and people, you warmed up a bit. you’re still — apparently — quiet and very obedient, but you smile now and offer stories without always having to be prompted and finally really seem to enjoy your class’ daily dance parties. i thought it would be really hard to go back after the winter break, but you went without too much trouble at all. i thought it would be difficult after february break, we had almost two weeks off from a lot of snow, but you went with a smile. i miss you monday mornings, but i’m so glad that you like school.

you are such an incredible big brother. you and your brother fight and you are obnoxious and you pick on him sometimes and enjoy teasing him until he cries, but you also really enjoy playing with him. you read to him, you help him, you laugh with him. you kiss and hug him constantly, you include him — more than i would have expected — in your big kid games with friends. calum definitely adores you, but it is not something that only goes one way. it’s such a treat to watch you two play together more and more. i’m looking forward to see you become a big brother all over again this spring.

it’s such a joy watching you grow up! you’re such a help and a delight. happy 6th birthday, my love.

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