~7 months

we had our last once-a-month appt. now we are down to every 2 weeks. what?

my belly is too big for many things now. most things. it was like this with gus and call during my last month. not at the beginning of my last trimester. i’m not worried about the baby being too big — even if we add 2 or 3 lbs, that’s still under 10 total. but i AM worried about what i am going to start wearing! it needs to warm up so it doesn’t matter if i have a good 3 inches of baby-to-be hanging out.

i weighed 143 at the last appointment. that means probably about 9-11 lbs between appts, pretty normal for this time in the pregnancy. it’s wild because it isn’t really showing up anywhere else. yes a little in my face and yes a little in my bottom and around my waist, but it’s still not even totally obvious to someone who doesn’t know i’m pregnant when i wear my winter coat. take the coat off, and yes, unless you are very unversed in the way of making babies then you might still be confused, but even little kids have started asking me, “is it a boy or a girl?”

the sex debate still rages on here. calum has decided he would like a girl and gus says a boy for one baby and a boy and a girl for two babies. it’s definitely ONE baby — the baby is big enough to feel the head and bum, so unless the second is hiding UNDER the first somehow, we may just finally be getting a really fat baby. that would be lovely.

the baby moves a lot. A LOT compared to calum. has a great heartbeat, etc. i was feeling some 3rd trimester tiredness for a bit but i went back to some older, grosser prenatal pills and i think i just absorb the iron in those better — plus it’s been miserable and cold again so calum and i haven’t been as active. anyway, i’m feeling more regular tired than completely wiped out tired, which is good. basically everything is as it should be in our tiny baby-making world.

we’re beginning to gather supplies for the birth. we’re not in a rush, but i guess it’s about that time to start slowly putting things in order. wild.


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