~7 1/2 months

another appointment yesterday. up to ~147 lbs. the baby’s heartbeat is about 140 as usual. the fundus is right on schedule. calum spent almost the whole time playing in the other room, with our midwife’s daughters’ toys, occasionally bringing games or puzzles into the room to play together and then running off again. his most successful visit so far, i’d say.

i was scolded that it already sounded like i am planning to be too active after the baby is born! i don’t even have any plans! they just don’t trust me 🙂 they think i am too busy by nature. well, that is probably true. sigh. i promised to try to be good.

we talked about the first week and plans to weigh the baby and do the heel prick, etc. and they made a note to remind me to get tiniest hero’s hearing checked before several months old like i did with calum (!!!). we talked about how i will start floradix after i finish these grosser prenatal pills that probably have more iron, which is why they are so gross, and about how i do have more energy with taking them, though. at least as long as we don’t do too many things in a day like we did this weekend (egg hunt, then birthday party, then another birthday!). fortunately, we don’t have plans to be that busy again any time soon anyway.

the baby is bigger than gus and cal. i am already as “popped” as i was when the other two were born, even though everything else is the right size for the right time. although there’s still time to start getting “fat”, right now i really look like i’ve tucked a basketball under my shirt. it’s so odd, i hardly show anywhere else (although i’ve gained a little other places, it’s not very obvious considering how small everything looks compared to this belly).

when i have a braxton hicks contraction i can feel bits of baby in there — bum or head or little knobby bits. that’s strange too. the baby is not huge, but it feels like the little one fills up the space fairly completely. it makes me very curious to meet this little person that i can feel moving around inside me.

it’s that part of the pregnancy where it feels like there’s hardly any time left but ages and ages to go. i’m excited to meet our new baby, but i’m also enjoying this last stretch. it’s hard to believe i will never feel any of this again — even as welcome as that knowledge is. we’re entering the very last phase of this stage of parenting. i’m ready to move on, but a little sad to see it go, too. which is not too much different than every other stage of life, eh?

we’ve moved on from “what happens at the birth” to “why babies suck” books. calum and gus like all of them, so that has been fun.



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