8(!) months

another 2 wk appt. this time at our house, as the midwife had another appointment after ours not too far from here, so it would be quicker to just go from our place than from hers. that was fine for calum and me — it was a cold and yucky day, so we didn’t mind not going out into it — but i did feel bad because our bathrooms were ATROCIOUS. well, what can you do?

no weight check this time since we don’t own a scale. i’m sure i’ve gained a little. it’s still shocking how it’s only noticeable in my belly and a little in my face. i haven’t even had any pregnancy swelling that i’m aware of. i preemptively took my rings off way at the beginning of the pregnancy, but so far it’s not clear that i would even have needed to do so. still, 2 months to go yet, so there is still plenty of time for swelling up like a balloon.

the fundus is growing right on schedule and while it is still not easy to find the heartbeat with the fetoscope (the placenta is in the front as usual, and this time the baby is snuggled right up under it. all the blood pulsing through the placenta, making it difficult to hear the comparatively quiet baby heart), but everything comes through loud and clear with the doppler.

cal helped the midwife palpate the baby, who is head down and seems to be anteriorly presenting (very nice). i can feel pressure on my lower back and cervix from time to time. that’s good — the baby’s head is working on engaging the pelvis — but, ugh, not particularly comfortable!

i’ve had to start propping myself up a bit while i’m sleeping or i just have acid reflux all night long. it helps if i eat a slightly smaller dinner and if i drink lots of water, so i have been doing that too. apparently chocolate (!!!) can exacerbate heartburn, so i guess it’s a good thing that we’re all out for the moment. sheesh.

this baby continues not to be overly found of sweets — boring — but maybe that is why i haven’t gained much extra weight besides the baby and all its gear. my energy seems to be back up, so the particularly gross prenatals must be doing good work. i will not miss never taking them again.

i washed the newborn clothes yesterday and put them in our new baby “dresser” on the landing. almost all the birth supplies are ordered or are in the room for the birth. i still have to wash the diapers and the wipes and put them out. there’s no rush, but little by little we are getting ready. it’s just as surreal and the clothes seem just as impossibly tiny as the first two times.


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