dear calum,

i guess no matter how long i delay this post you will still be a grownup. drat. for weeks leading up to your 3rd birthday i just — once again — couldn’t believe we’d reached this stage. this no-longer-even-a-little-bit-baby-although-not-quite-a-BIG-big-kid yet. the stage where we have to stop babying you — for your sake as well as ours. the stage where we start saying things like, “it’s time to put your underpants on yourself, buddy,” “put your shoes away,” “take your dishes to the dishwasher,” “you have a choice, put the toys away like you were asked or take a break on the stairs until you are ready to put them away.” you know, kid stuff. kid responsibilities.


i’m pretty sure in that the 15 hours she was here, you made lillian read you hop on pop at least 7 times

it’s not that we haven’t been doing all these things for quite some time now. it’s just that before you did them because it was fun to be like a big kid. and now it’s stuff you HAVE to do, because it’s time to start really learning how to be a big kid. i want to keep you tiny and small and darling forever, but i can’t. well, i can, but it won’t be doing any of us any favors to do so.

and so. rats. drat. sigh. growing up. it never stops, does it?

but here we are, 3, and as expected, you are beginning to approach obnoxiousness. you are still mostly cheerful and generally pleasant to be around, but you’ve started to be defiant too. you aren’t interested in doing almost any of the things we would ask you to do that you would gleefully take care of just a few short weeks ago. like the tiny teenager that you are now and will be for the next several months, you take pleasure in saying no to request simply because you can.

2013 03 09 dirty calum

snot. yogurt. chocolate. charming.

it’s maddening.

fortunately, we’ve seen it all before, so we don’t even bother trying to negotiate this time around. calmly but firmly we give you your choices and we lay out your consequences. and then we carry through. your brother is absolutely DELIGHTED to see you “get yours” for once 🙂 brothers are like that. but even with your increasing stubbornness, you’re still a pretty lovely guy to have around.

you’ve had a growth spurt recently (26.8 lb, 34.5 in) (i think), which means still tiny for height but up to the 10-12th percentile or so for weight whoot whoot! the pediatrician was visibly relieved, ha! some day i should really take your skinny grandfathers in to try to explain what we are working with here. but it’s been fun to see you growing out of things (car seat straps and shirts and pants — although not shoes yet. you still seem to be about a 5 or 5 1/2. which is fine, since that means your size 6 keens from last still fit! yay!).

2013 03 20 cool guys

you made these together and then came down to show them to us

you are much more sturdy on your feet these days — running, jumping (a little), climbing climbing climbing. walking on walls (a particular favorite). throwing balls and frisbees. kicking during soccer (gus happens to be on the same color team as he was a few years ago, so you think you are on the team, wearing his old t shirt and doing the drills). you still trip just standing still, but that may be due to your complete lack of spatial awareness more than any physical skillz or lack thereof.

you eat all of the things. when you are in the mood. not an egg if i make one for you, but an egg if i make one for myself. lots more fruit than gus ever (still) seemed to enjoy. muffins are your favorite for breakfast and it’s the first thing you ask for in the morning. so i find myself baking muffins 2 to several times a week. and basically if i put chocolate chips in them you will eat just about anything shaped like a muffin. so i don’t mind. it’s a really easy way to get good fat, iron, protein, and grains into you first thing. well, of course, and chocolate. but i’m not worried about a little chocolate. and then after we take gus to the bus, we usually come home and have yogurt, which you LOVE and i think you would eat all day if we let you. the only thing you really don’t eat much of at all is vegetables. considering that you have entered 3, the land of “i only eat carbohydrates” i’m pretty okay with this limited veggies thing. you eat them from time to time and that is enough. you eat nuts (you love cashews and pistachios) and other proteins (sometimes eggs, tofu, tempeh, seitan, nut butter, granola, etc). you love carbs like everyone else in the world and fat too. it’s fun to watch you eat.

2013 03 20 happy spring

chocolate bunnies for springtime!

you’re really into the color green. you love going to the library to choose books (like tashi) or to read your favorites at home (anything with bumblebee boy or ladybug girl or gideo or otto or the other goslings). you like to do almost anything that gus does and you both play remarkably well together (yes, there are skirmishes, but mostly you enjoy each other very much, especially first thing in the morning before school).

you get about 20-30 minutes of screen time most days and of course you love it. you love plants vs zombies and angry birds, but almost any game will do. you are often asking me “did i earn my computer time back?” which is something your brother asks after he’s been in trouble. you think it means “can i do my computer time now?”. it frustrates you that we only do iPad time after dinner. it’s hard to be 3 sometimes. most of the time.

2013 03 24 3rd birthday cake

basketball cake

you adore your brother. you cried after both spring breaks when we had to take him to the bus (“i YANT my brudder!”) and you often run and hug him when we pick him up from the bus or school. he loves you back, and i think, misses you too.

i sprained my ankle this month — the other one! and you and your brother were lovely about it. it was pretty hard for you the one day when it was just the two of us at home and i couldn’t play with you, but even so, we finally found a rhythm, pulling books and games on the couch to entertain us.

you’re finally waking up almost not at all at night. the winter months were rough — you usually had a cold, which meant you couldn’t breathe very well which made it more likely you would wake and be angry. but now it’s spring and you only wake up once or twice for a drink of water and then you settle very quickly. it’s a nice break for mama and papa until tiniest hero comes and ruins everything again.

2013 03 24 friends

birthday friends

you and gus would like to share a room, but it’s still a bit too hard for you to settle together. maybe this summer.

your language continues to be absolutely fun. you yell “I DID IT!!” when you accomplish something — most often on a computer game, but it could be anything you do that makes you proud. you started replacing /y/ with /w/ for some reason, which for awhile made “yes!” “wes!” and “yummy!” “wummy!” which was both hilarious and kind of confusing. you make this hilarious “pee-yo pee-yo!” noise when you want to shoot things. it should be obnoxious but instead it’s completely adorable. and you’ve started complaining when you don’t like something with “das BO-WING”, as if you are old enough to be bored about anything.

oh, calum, what a big kid you are! i’m sure this next year is going to be an adventure, but it’s one we very much look forward to taking with you.

2013 03 26 snacks from rex

birthday cookies from rex




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