9 1/2 months

i didn’t gain this time. or maybe i even lost weight. it’s hard to tell with the midwives’ two different scales. but i was 144 or something. or maybe even 141. in any event, having that horrible cold and not being hungry definitely impacted the weight gain — for me. the baby is growing right on schedule of course.

although my belly hasn’t dropped yet, the baby’s head is getting further engaged in the pelvis. you can tell by where the fundus is (lower) and where the head is (lower!). i can feel it in my back more and on my cervix. it’s not unusual to be feel pinched when i get up to walk somewhere. ugh. good times.

i continue to feel pretty great, though. lots of energy and no aching back. that continues to feel a little strange, i must admit. i’m not complaining — i’m just surprised.

my appetite is coming back, yay! and my sense of smell, hurrah! i still have a bit of “pregnancy cold” which just means being a little stuffy and occasionally nose blowy, but that’s to be expected and is totally doable. ah it feels good to feel good again! even the kids are well on the mend. whew.

the weather has been up and down. we’ve been getting out on the beautiful days and getting creative on the yucky ones. even with feeling energetic we aren’t even taking “big” trips to the museums. i’m just trying to be conscientious about how much energy i might have left and trying not to push it. we’re starting to say no to favors and commitments. it always feels funny to say no when the baby is unlikely to come just yet, but (a) it’s wiser to conserve energy and (b) well, we just never know, so it’s wiser to play it safe, just in case.

but everyone around us seems to be getting impatient — including jeremy and the kids. i go through being tired of worrying that everything is fine (this is one active little person! so when the baby is still for a long time i worry a little, as pregnant mamas are wont to do) and enjoying these last few quiet moments with the little one tucked safely away inside. on the OTHER hand, the little one keeps changing positions, and i feel bad — there is probably not enough room! i think this is going to be a long one. and in fac, the last visit we discovered the stinker had turned posterior. sigh. be still and be in a good position, baby!

but i feel pretty calm about when this baby is going to be born — it’s going to come when it’s ready and i’m not feeling in a rush yet. at this point, there are really only so many more days it can be, so i’m just feeling like, well, they come out eventually, you know? crazy to think we will have THREE little monkeys around these parts before long, though!


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