38 weeks

we’re rather behind now, but even so…

i got my appetite back this week. enough to eat four pieces of birthday cake at a party we went to that weekend. too much sugary sweetness, but satisfying in it’s own too-much-junk kind of way. between the cake and the baby dropping a little and being able to smell and taste food and not much heartburn i was back up to 149 that tuesday at gus’ appointment (he has a plantar’s wart we are trying to remove) at the pediatrician’s that week where i weighed myself just out of curiosity. 

i also started feeling tired that week. and that thursday, after sitting on the curb in the schoolyard waiting for jeremy to come home from the cape and watching the kids play until the school’s family health and wellness night started, when i stood up my lower back hurt A LOT. so much that i suddenly got very upset and told the kids and jeremy, “WE HAVE TO GO HOME. NOW.” we were all hungry anyway, so it was fine, but i was a little surprised about how upset i suddenly was about the whole thing. i thought to myself, “hmm. i had better pay attention to how tonight goes.”

but when we got home and ate and i got to rest with a pillow everything was fine, so i didn’t think any more about it.



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