39 weeks (may 24)

we were supposed to have a midwife appt the day before, but the mw needed to reschedule. that friday morning i had some bloody show. i told jeremy and we both were surprised but excited. nothing was happening, so everyone did their daily routine. i texted the midwives and emailed the doula. then cal and i did some grocery shopping and i did some other last minute laundry and other chores around the house.

it felt like a lot of waiting, not knowing if/when labor was going to start.

jeremy had already planned to come home early that day to come to the appointment. i was going to pick him up from the T on our way. as the time for the appointment drew neat, i began to feel very restless. i thought it wouldn’t be a great idea to drive. i felt too antsy to sit in traffic for 15 minutes. it seemed like it would just be forever. the midwife came here.

everything looked fine. while we chatted, i noticed an occasional twinge in my lower back, but they were spaced too far apart to be anything definite.

jeremy went to pick up gus and some friends came over to hang out for a bit after school.

i timed the twinges. they were regular, but 10 min or more apart. probably labor, but still very very early.

we had dinner. we did bedtime. jeremy and i made up the birth room. i called the midwife and then we went to bed. early labor had started, but the best thing to do at that point was get some rest.


our last 4 person family photo


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