1 week

dear hugo

the first week home and already you are deeply loved. your brothers can’t get enough of holding you and neither can your papa. the tough part is that you need to sleep and eat a lot, so the holdings are few and far between and short besides. even so, any non-mama snuggle is greatly appreciated.

2013 06 01 baby legs

tiny baby legs from our midwife

you are a great sleeper! at least one 4 hour stretch each night. this means LOADS of sleep for a tired mama and i actually feel pretty great, all things considered. the breastfeeding is going very well and so is the pooping. although onions disagree with you, it doesn’t seem like much else does, which is nice. i don’t mind cutting things out of my diet, but it’s nice to have someone whose guts can handle a bit of life for a change.

you don’t seem to have particularly sensitive skin, either, which is great too, since it scares the bajingo out of you when you pee without a diaper and wakes you up. it was quite hot a few days this week, so we kept you bum out as much as possible to keep you from getting a heat rash. this was good for your bum, but not so good for your napping. also one time you had an amazing projectile poo across the kitchen floor. your brothers were astounded. it’s since cooled back down and we keep some lanolin on your bum just in case, but you seem to be doing fine in that department. good news. you also molted a lot this week, which was creepy, but normal. and your lost your umbilical cord too. fast!

2013 06 01 hugo awake iii

so alert when you are awake!

we had you weighed and measured about 36 hours after you were born and although you’d stretched out to 20 1/2 inches, it appears you’d dropped to 6 lbs 6 oz. there was some concern all around, but you were still nursing around the clock and my milk hadn’t fully transitioned from colostrum to mature breastmilk yet, so we didn’t panic and figured we’d weigh you again in a few days and see. by day 4 you were back up to 7 lbs 2 oz. hmm. probably the day 2 weight check was a bit off, but even so, you were back up to almost your birth weight already, and by day 6 you were at 7 lbs 7 oz. already up over your birth weight, whew.

you had your first bath and you liked it until i actually put you in the water (although nursing and having water poured onto you was okay). i took you in so we could both cool off. it’s okay, you will like the water more when you are bigger. but it was nice to rinse some of the hot weather off together for sure.

2013 06 02 time for a nap

one week: being a newborn is hard work

there’s not much else to report. it’s most just nursing and pooping and sleeping and snuggling right now — and we like that just fine. keep growing, little lover!

love, always,



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