2 weeks

dear hugo,

two weeks already! we are all feeling so much more alive this week! everyone is recovering from the labor — not that it was so terrible, but it was long and a lot of work. it really wipes you out! so getting lots of naps and resting last week was the right ticket — at least for the two of us. gus seemed to do just fine, papa was a bit wiped out, and calum decided the best way to deal with being tired was to go to bed and get up early. this week we all seem to be back on schedule and you, my little friend, are awake for longer and longer periods every day. you are really enjoying getting to see your new world.

so we’ve ventured out a little this week. gus proudly brought you in for share time at school. he was so proud (and shy) and his classmates were so excited. it was so fun to show you to all the kids who used you grab my belly and ask if you were kicking, if you were going to be a girl or another boy! and then you will have THREE. BOYS. you mostly slept through it all, which was smart.

2013 06 07 striped hat

we had a newborn hat fashion show this week

you’ve nearly finished molting, which is nice. your nose — the only place where you’ve really had any baby acne (and then, just whiteheads and which one of gus’ classmates noticed and noted “wow, his nose is sparkly!”) is clearing up — and you are rounding out. it doesn’t seem like you’ve lost any hair or gained, but we’ve started to notice that it has a kind of coppery gleam. we’re incredibly curious to see what it will look like as more comes in. your face looks so much more baby-like this week and so much less newborn. your cone head was gone by the end of the first day and your little creepy old person hands are fleshing out as well. it’s not that i mind, really, you are quite lovely, but it’s crazy to think we will never have another newborn again. newborns, the are in and out like flash.

2013 06 07 hat from divya

from divya

you continue to sleep for long lovely stretches! which is good for rest, but bad for boobs. once again i got a plugged duct. this one lingered long enough for me to call in for an antibiotic prescription after much conferring with a very good LC friend. and then right after dinner my fever broke and my chills and aches were gone. i didn’t pick up the antibiotics after all and a few days later the plugged duct was gone. whew. i would have taken the antibiotics had i needed them, but how nice not to have to need them.

2013 06 07 hat from alex

from alex

you love the wrap and sleep and nurse in it like a champion. calum is a bit put out that he doesn’t get to ride in it anymore. i don’t think it’s jealousy of you as much as it is plain old laziness. please me, though, i would rather ride than walk myself! you don’t mind the car much yet either as long as you are well fed. i hope that holds!

your brothers get to hold you longer these days and so does your papa and that is wonderful.

2013 06 07 bear hat

accidentally stolen from gus’ old daycare

you’re a little bit of a spit upper and i think it’s because i need to burp you. oops. i didn’t have to do that for your brothers very often, so it’s not something i think of to do. but of course it’s all a drag to try to burp and fart, so we’re going to work on incorporating that into the routine.

2013 06 07 hat from toni & ross

gus’ old hat from good friends toni and ross. also STOP STOP WITH THE FASHION SHOW ALREADY OMG STOP!!!!

we even went to papa’s work fundraiser one evening. he was so pleased to have you there. everyone was quite delighted to meet you. you, of course, slept through it all. even so, it’s nice to have you so portable that we can occasionally do these things. it’s particularly nice for papa to have us there.

we still nap several times a week together and that is lovely. i will miss that when papa goes back to work in a few weeks — and not just because i’ll be tired! there is nothing quite like snuggling with a wee babe for a quick midday nap.

2013 06 09 two weeks iv

two weeks

as always, i love you dearly, little one!




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