3 weeks

dear new one,

goodness the weeks pass quickly around these parts! let’s talk about your third week!

right at the beginning we met with one of our midwives for our two week appointment — 8 lbs 13 oz already. that’s how big calum was at a month! so you really are our fastest growing boy. almost 2 oz a day, my little friend, that you are gaining (your brothers gained about a 1/2 oz a day! big difference!). this means that you are mostly out of your newborn gear and into some 3 months stuff already. craziness! it’s funny to see you being too long for things that calum was short enough to wear.. but then you are too skinny for the next size up, while calum was almost too fat for the previous size. i’m just not thinking about being finished with those newborn clothes forever, though, wow.


one of the last cool days!

your body isn’t the only thing that’s growing — you seem to be getting more hair as well. and it seems to be still coming in reddish. and with a little bit of a wave. will it stay red? will you have curls? it’s all so very exciting.



i’ve discovered this week that you are a burper. gus and cal never were, so i apologize that it’s taken me this long to figure out. you spit up a fair amount as well. gross, but pretty par for the course. one evening you puked ALL. OVER. US. that was more gross than usual. poor newborns with their crazy digestive systems. it’s all very new and not-quite-working-yet.



you are spending more and more time awake, which means you can be held more and more by other folks. which was good timing for your first set of grandparent visitors. they get some good awake AND asleep time. you had, i think, 2 growth spurts this week, but even so, you were able to spend a few holding-times apart. it’s good for others to get cuddles (especially papas and big brothers).


all the boys

you continue to sleep so long at night! it definitely helps your mama feel not TOO exhausted. i think you wake up twice, maybe, to eat. your brother’s were every 1-2 hours for so long. i still can’t believe our luck right now.


hanging out with pappy

this does mean, though, that i got a plugged duct this week. ugh.  bad enough that i almost took antibiotics. right around 24 hours of chills and aches and exhaustion i called in for a prescription. then i ate dinner because you were sleeping, and i figured i’d take you with me to get them after dinner when you woke up. but then i ate and the fever broke and i felt much MUCH better. it took another day or two for the duct to completely unplug, but i never ended up taking the antibiotics after all. whew. i still pump occasionally if you’ve been asleep for a few hours so i don’t get another! i think the mooiees are getting used to how much you eat, though, so overproduction should be calming down soon anyway.


we love our baby

your brothers continue to adore you, and so do we. happy 3 weeks old, our beautiful baby!


3 weeks




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