4 weeks

dear hugo,

in the 10 days since our visit with the midwife, you gained 1 lb 2 oz! so at 3 weeks and 5 days, you weighed in at 9 lbs 15 oz, making you officially 10 lbs (or more!) by 4 weeks old. whew. if you continue on this trend, you will weigh about 10 1/2 lbs one your official 1 month birth anniversary. yea, buddy! you have gotten longer too — 21 3/4 inches — putting you in the 60th percentile for weight and 70th for height (and head circumference, fwiw).

you’ve really become a baby this week — not just a sluggy old newborn. your awake periods are getting longer and longer and you are more and more interested in the world around you. you will stare at my face or papa’s with a great deal of interest. you can track our fingers. you are very curious about sticking our your tongue and watching me stick out mine at you. you listen for your brothers and you love to check out the lights and sunshine.

2013 06 18 sleepy guy

sleeping sleeping still so much sleeping

you’re starting to give really big smiles, too. it’s still early for social smiles, but these big toothless grins keep coming with more and more frequency. it’s lovely to see, even if it’s not much more than a reflex, yet!

we took you on your longest car trip ever — an hour one way — this week. you are not overly fond of waking up and not eating when you want (unsurprisingly). it’s not so easy for me to sit next to you and lean over for a snack, so we’re hoping that a little bit of pacifer and a few more weeks under your belt will help make the trip down to PA and VA in a few weeks a lot easier for all of us. we’ll just have to make lots of stops along the way if not!

2013 06 22 hugo

tiny smile

we took another bath this week, you and me. you liked this one a lot more. we didn’t stay in long — just enough time to cool your head and while your neck and belly off — but you seemed to think it was just fine. we may be taking a lot more of these as it gets hotter this summer, so i’m glad you didn’t mind.

i can’t believe you’re nearly a month old! i like this growing … but as always … i don’t want it to go by TOO quickly!

2013 06 23 4 weeks

4 weeks

happy four weeks, my love!




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