moving up day

during the last week of june gus’ kindergarten class had a moving up ceremony. one whole school year gone, just like that. although i approached last fall with dread, it was a wonderful first year of school for gus. as we knew it would be.


his kindergarten teach was FANTASTIC. the para was lovely. all of gus’ classmates (or rather, august’s classmates) were so very, very sweet. he learned a lot — more math (he loves math) and letters. he’s begun to read. he finally has some fine, still somewhat atrocious, motor skills. he listens and behaves at school like a kindergarten teacher’s dream (basically, nearly the exact opposite of how he behaves at home). he decided he likes art (their art teacher is incredible) and he still loves music (their music teacher, also incredible).


more important, he learned how to make friends. he’s still shy, but he’s getting braver. the little boy who was so nervous on the first day of school is now very confident about his building and the school rules and how to be and play there. although i’m so very, very, VERY happy for summer time(!!!), i’m also not so nervous for first grade this fall.



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