2 months

dear tubtub,

what a long month! you have been here for ages it seems, but it’s still only been a few weeks!

your first summer is going swimmingly! we’ve been to the beach and the pond so far, and even though you tend to sleep through the experiences, i’ve managed to at least dip your toes once. you didn’t like it, of course, the ocean was too cold, but you do at least LOVE kicking around in the tub. next summer should be much more fun for you.


5 weeks

we started your 2nd month with a visit from your nana, grandpa, and uncle adam. they were so excited to meet you! and your brothers (and mama and papa) were quite delighted to have them visit as well.


hugo and nana


hugo and grandpa


hugo and uncle adam

it’s been a hot hot summer! i wear the smallest tops possible and we sweat all over each other on a regular basis. but what can you do in the summer, eh? you sleep well in the wrap on my tummy, even though it’s hot. it’s a bit difficult to slip a nursing into your hungry little mouth when we’re both all sweaty, but we make it work. we’ve been lucky — you managed not to get a diaper rash until right the the end of the month. considering the heat, i’m quite relieved.


6 weeks

you’ve started to shove your fist into your mouth when you start to get impatient for nursings. it’s quite cute. it’s no substitute for dinner, of course, but sometimes it helps you wait an extra minute. you refuse to take the pacifer — which is fine with me — but it does make the car a bit tricky if we are driving and you want to eat. we just have to pull over from time to time right now.

Imageproud brother

i heard you laugh once this month, and it was very cute. you’ve definitely started smiling at folks for sure, becoming so delighted when you make eye contact and giving a huge toothless grin. you will sometimes coo back and forth with me and LOVE to stick your tongue out at folks — and have them stick it out back. you’re staying awake for longer and longer stretches, and smiling at people has become one of your favorite pastimes.

Image 7 weeks

unlike your brothers, you like to nurse and then be awake and then just go ahead and go to sleep when you are tired. calum did this briefly and so i wonder if this will stick with you, but it’s still incredibly amazing to me every time it happens. you like to nurse back to sleep in the middle of the night or nap, but going down for bedtime you prefer to do just on your own. it’s amazing and i also feel terribly guilty  about it. i’m so used to nursing my wee babes to sleep that i feel neglectful, even though it’s actually what you prefer!


8 weeks

you’re quite the wiggler. i know, considering the movement all pregnancy long (and labor), this is not a surprise! but for 2 months, it’s pretty crazy. you actually almost wriggled right off the couch the other day. luckily your biggest big brother caught you!

2013 07 26 two months

2 months

even though you are only 2 months old, you are already wearing size 6 months! much sooner than either of your brothers and you are even bigger than your big cousin liam — he was 10 lbs at 2 months and you are 12 lbs 2 oz! and a half inch longer too (liam was 23 1/2 inches, you are 24!). i don’t know what to expect, but you are quite the bruiser and frankly, it’s incredibly adorable.



happy happy 2 months, darling!




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