3 months

dear hugo,

even gus was shocked that you are already this old! you’re not even a newborn anymore! goodness it all happens so quickly. wasn’t i pregnant with you forever? and now it’s almost this time last year when you were just starting to grow from almost nothing.

you are quite the little baby these days — cheerful and observant and full of smiles and the occasional giggle. you love kisses and cuddles and gentle playing. you can’t get enough attention from your brothers and have even cried when they walk away. you seek out our faces and then rewards us with big grins, sometimes even grunting or cooing or some other please pay attention sound.

2013 07 28 nine weeks ii

9 weeks

we visited your moshier shenk grandparents (and uncle adam) in virginia this month. i was pretty nervous about that long of a car trip with such a wee guy, but in the tradition of your big brothers you were just great. i think it helped on the way down that (a) you’d gotten your 2 month vaccines the day before and (b) we stopped in PA to shorten the drive down. you slept almost non-stop on the way to our destinations but were awake for a lot more time on the way home. that 9 1/2 hour drive was a lot more difficult for you, but considering your age you were quite the trooper! you had a great visit with the family (your brothers did too, of course) and it’s so nice to know you can bear the trip without too much trouble (i mean who likes 10 h drives, amirite?)

despite the fact that you are a giant sausage with toes, you have managed both to hold your head up pretty much all the time and to turn over from your back to your tummy as well. you can even hold your head up from a laying down position being pulled up by your hands! you don’t turn over very often, but the fact that you can do it at all with all the tub is quite impressive.

you had your first cold this month and sad to say it was somewhat exacerbated by your vaccines (i should know, i got one of the same shots as you and i had a cold too. ugh, we were wiped out!). but like most things, you remained quite cheerful throughout, even considering you were under the weather.

2013 07 30 nana, hugo, and cal

nana giggles

even though august was a lot cooler than july, you still somehow ended up with a bit of a diaper rash. ultimately i think the diapers just needed to be stripped. i hate diaper rashes! it took some time for it to go away, but finally it did. one nice thing about the weather getting cooler means less of a rashy bum, whew.

you’ve started to nurse to sleep more often, but that’s mostly because i will try to figure out what you want and over a moohiee and you’ll take it until you drift off. but you’re just as happy to fall asleep in our arms — facing outward, please. and you nurse in the middle of long naps much like your brothers did. but you don’t expect to nurse when you first wake up, not after nap or bedtime. you’re just cheerful and happy to chat (and chat and chat! it’s very cute). eventually you will want a snack, but it isn’t a wake up thing. so much about you is different and new.

2013 07 31 hugo holliday

bank robber

we got a bouncy chair for you this month. of course it’s almost impossible to keep your brothers from touching it (or trying to get in it, calum!) but you enjoy being able to sit up and be a part of things. you noticed the toy bar very quickly as well and it’s been great to let you play and not always have to carry you around. you’re heavy, guy! and there are lots of things mama needs to do with two hands.

you had a growth spurt this month — for 6 days! that meant you were waking lots during the night and so we were a little bleary-eyed for awhile. but what a champion snacker you were. again, so different from your brothers, who had 1-2 d growth spurts at their longest.

your hair is coming in more and more and it’s still reddish. probably a strawberry blonde color. your eyes were a beautiful blueberry blue at the beginning of the month, but now they have started to turn to more of a sea color — sometimes grey, sometimes blue/green. i’ve noticed flecks of gold around your pupils. i do wonder what all your colors will be like!

2013 08 18 reading brothersbrother time

we had camp adventure this month too and i wonder what you thought of all of it. you love to be outside and to look at things, so you thoroughly enjoyed all the outings. you were being enough to wear shona’s t shirt from last year, big guy! i’m excited for you to be involved next summer. you will still be quite little, of course, but i have a feeling you are always going to want to be running with the big guys.

2013 08 26 three months

3 months

happy 3 months, little sausage!




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