top of the morning

gus slept in the top bunk last night. the move was precedented exclusively on the fact that calum tried to sleep up there the night before. which was largely due to the fact that when a good friend of the kids’ slept over a week ago HE slept on the top bunk. the first person under 30 to do that.

calum didn’t make it on his turn. this is partly due to the fact that we usually sing or sit with him until he is asleep and i didn’t do it that night. it’s kind of intense to try to put all 3 kids to bed at the same. weirdly enough we are at a point in all of their lives when they are all ready for bed at almost exactly the same time. so being the only grown up in charge of that activity gives mixed results. the kids had been particularly obnoxious that night, so i just said forget it (or something close to that expression and which also starts with an “f”), go ahead sleep in the top bunk here are your books go to sleep. that didn’t work at all for calum and he came downstairs about 10 times. and 10 times i took him upstairs without a word and put him back in the bed as gently as i could. stupidly gus was sleeping on the outside of the mattress so i sort of had to toss calum onto his side. even doing that gently is a bit of a thing now that even tiny calum is getting to be so large. eventually he wore himself out and fell asleep, but it was an unpleasant 45 minutes or so.

last night gus said HE wanted to sleep in the top bunk — prompting calum to exclaim that he did too! (no, i said, you had your chance last night, tonight it’s gus’ turn). so of course i, alone again, said go for it. i read them 4 books on the bottom bunk and then helped gus put his comforter and his pillow up there and then tucked calum into the bottom bed. and told them papa would kiss them when he got home and then i walked out of the room.

and then i didn’t hear another peep (!!).

of course the first thing that i assumed is that they both were dead because obviously. but they both woke up this morning demanding breakfast at the usual time so i guess they were just worn out. we’ll try it again tonight if the would like. i love having them on the bottom bunk together, but calum IS kind of annoying at bedtime and with school starting it’s probably better for gus to have his own space. the best part is that this is the very beginning of calum going to bed and then essentially falling asleep on his own, which is so very nice. it’s not that we mind having a snuggly bedtime routine, but that can be accomplished on the couch and then with book reading in bed without having to lie with him until he falls asleep.

i don’t expect tonight to be as easy last night, but it was a pretty interesting milestone. and a relief for me for the nights that papa isn’t home.


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