4 months

dear titi,

i’ve been working so much lately that i never seem to get a free moment to myself! so this is very very late. i’m sorry.

but oh little bugger! how busy you have been these 4 months! now you are trouble – grabbing things (knocking plates on the floor! pulling things out of hands! ripping library books!), chomping things (beware all stray fingers).. you chat and coo and try to get our attention — and grin like a jack o’lantern when you do. you have been drooling A LOT. you like to gum and bite things, so there is slobber everywhere, all the time, like sometimes you are more puppy than baby. it’s very cute.

2013 09 14 hat and vest iii

we’ve had some chilly days this september

you’ve begun sucking on your fingers to sleep. it’s so very sweet. it’s not a replacement for mooihees, but it’s very cute to see.

you are so very cheerful. you love to giggle! you love to be jiggled or snuggled or gently teased and you laugh and laugh when you are.

you’ve noticed your toes and you stare at them quite a bit. what ARE those things? how can i get them?? it won’t be long until you’ve eaten them all up, i’m sure.

2013 09 18 snoozer

snuggly snoozer

your hair continues to grow and continues to be like fine spun copper. when all’s said and done, i think you just might be strawberry blonde. with dark grey eyes. they are still changing, almost not blue at all anymore. we’ll see.

the sad part about this month is your real tears. ah when babies cry with their tears for the first time it is SO. HEARTBREAKING. not that you cry much or often, but when you do and tears drip down your beautiful fat cheeks, it’s very very hard to see. good thing you are such a giggler!

you’ve discovered a waist this month, and so finally, finally, you are not just a sausage with toes. a delicious sausage you were, but it’s nice to see you be held sitting  up more comfortably.

2013 09 20 fish ii

drooly sitter

you had ANOTHER growth spurt this month! that puts you at 15 lbs 8 oz (52nd percentile) and and 26 inches (85th percentile). you are such a big fella compared to your brothers — already in size 6-9 months at only 4 months old. goodness! but your stretching out means that you look so much less like a  tubtub, which is a shame. your thighs are still delicious, though.

happy happy four months, sweet baby!

2013 09 26 4 months ii


four months




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