5 months

dear hugo,

this month i put you in the swing at the playground. you found this curious and mildly amusing. i found it decidedly more so. you look so cute in there! and so big!

2013 10 19 porcupine

porcupine: lantern parade

i can tell you have a lot going on. you like to chatter late at night, you immediately start rolling over and around when you wake up, and you like to make noises until we notice you. you’re starting to have the semblance of a sleep schedule. i at least know about when you will take your first nap. after that i only know you’ll have 2 or 3 more, but it’s a start. it means we’ve driven gus to school more this month than we did all of last year, though, since you often nap right through bus pick up. your brother never complains, though, he likes to catch a ride with us to school.

2013 10 18 hugo

backyard tummy time

you officially found your toes this month. they are delightful. so is watching you nibble them. you like to nibble most everything. your favorite thing after your toes being your very colorful fish from our good friends mark and callie. you also like to bite. this started last month but i forgot what my note about it meant. crunching nipples biting! what is the deal with that? no teeth or anything, you just like to chomp. it’s not as cute as some of your other accomplishments.

you’re beginning to do the tripod and you can reach and pick up things from that position. it’s not so easy to sit back up once your get stuck bent over, but you can hold yourself up for a pretty long time without my help. how did you DO that?

2013 09 28 hangin with hugo

apple picking

you turn from your back to your tummy now, although it often makes you angry. still, you can push your head up and look around a little from that position, so it makes you curious too. you like to play from any position, though, and you’ve been known to play SO HARD that you either all of a sudden NEED! TO! EAT! or you just pass out. being a baby is hard work!

your hair continues to grow and your eyes continue to turn more grey. while not a ton of hair, you definitely already have more than either of your brothers when they were 6 months old. and it’s not like they have very little hair now. you are going to be a hairy beast!

2013 10 17 tripod


you had croup this month, poor buddy. nothing serious, just a sleepless night for mama. calum had it first, i think, and gave it to you. but we tried the shower and the porch (it was cool outside) and you never quite got a fever that night or ever any stridor, so although it was a long night, it wasn’t scary one. you got a little bit of a fever the next day and slept a little more than usual, but aside from another week or so of cough everything was just fine very quickly. i hate when babies get sick, but you were a champion.

i can’t believe you’re almost 6 months old! i’m afraid we are going to have to literally stuff you into the same outfit gus and calum wore for their 6 months photos. but it will, at least i’m pretty sure, fit. you might look a little silly, but that will just add to the cuteness.


5 months

happy 5 months, my love!




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