6 months

dear hugo,

6 months. half a year old. my goodness. i’m not sure what it is about 6 months that’s so striking to me, but it always stands out as a monumental milestone to me. i guess because once a babe can sit, things really start to get fun? maybe it’s the food business? it’s the beginning of the end of babyness though, that’s for sure. soon enough you’ll be cutting teeth and crawling.. i can’t believe it’s all happening already!

it was a busy month, as always. you are already sort of curious about food. you snatched a piece of celery from me early this month. and then promptly gave it back. baby’s first lick of celery — pretty boring. but we’re going to give you pumpkin later. i wonder what you will think! but you enjoy being at the table with us in your high chair so much already, i think it’s only going to get that much more interesting once you are allowed to share some snacks with us!



sometimes you will take a bottle with papa

you sit up so well now. you can play and play and play without much worry of a fall over. you can’t do it by yourself yet and when you get tired you just sort of ooze down, but it’s now your preferred position for holding and examining things. i don’t blame you. it’s much more fun to look around!

you still love to chomp on everything, even with no signs of teeth yet. your beloved little fish has been SO nibbled that we actually have to throw it into the laundry. i couldn’t believe how much cleaner it looked when i pulled it out! but you have become interesting in investigating almost everything, and you have quite a temper when we won’t let you have something. you are particularly becoming a pest during reading time. you aren’t allowed to sit and read a book anymore unless you have something to distract from ripping out and eating all of the pages. how you YELL when you’re not allowed!!



you mostly slept through trick or treating

your hair continues to come in a lovely gingery color. your great nana says that was the color of her hair when she was a little girl, so maybe that’s at least part of where you get it? how fun to know who you might share those genes with. your eyes are still a lovely blue/grey. 

you’ve started to notice the cat and of course you LOVE him. he suffers to be patted and so far you haven’t learned to grab his fur yet. i’m glad that old coot is still around for you to meet, but it sure is cute to watch you watch him.

you’ve also started to do some of the same research studies that your brothers did (and still do!). it’s wild to think about how long we have been going!



you still like the chair but soon enough you want to be out of it!

you are ever so much more social: you chatter a lot more and will screech and yell to get our attention. you are then SO PLEASED when we turn our heads or talk back. you babble more and there are some definite consonants in there (some m’s and b’s) and quite a number of vowels. you often grab my hand while you are nursing. this is so sweet but frustrating! how am i supposed to turn the pages of my book if my thumb is being held hostage?

you have started to show a few signs of separation anxiety, mostly when you are tired or hungry. you very much enjoy people, but it’s’ interesting to see you starting to notice that you don’t recognize everyone yet. you still manage to give most folks a smile or a giggle though, which is always a delight.



baby in a towel

we took you the aquarium with gus’ 1st grade class today, and you loved the fish. i hope to take you there more often than i took calum, babies and aquariums are just about the best thing.

sweet boy, it’s time for mama to go heat up some pumpkin puree for you! i can’t believe you get to have some snacks already!



6 months





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