7 months

dear little one,

happy 7 months! my you are growing! at your 6 1/2 month appointment you weighed 18.4 lbs and stretched to 27.5″. you are now as big (or bigger) than both your brothers were are a year. you are much longer than you are heavy — something like the 85th percentile for height but “only” 58th percentile for weight. so you don’t look super chubby (except for your thighs), but you certainly are rather long. it’s funny to put you in clothes and remember what your brothers were doing when they wore the same outfits — walking or at least crawling for both. we even had to borrow from 12 mo onesies from your cousin Liam as it’s rather cold out right now and most of what we have doesn’t stay over your belly!

2013 11 28 baby's first thanksgiving

pumpkin soup? and the hugo said YUCK!

your first thanksgiving and first solstice (and christmas) were this month! what a delicious time of year to turn 7 months! although you didn’t eat anything for the meal, you did look pretty adorable in your bib! you have been eating more snacks these days, though, and in fact have been known to get rather cranky to be at the table without your own treat. you enjoy most anything we give you so far, and that is of course very fun. mostly we just give you a piece of what we are eating and you really seem to enjoy being part of the fun. so far you seem to particularly enjoy apple slices, sweet potato, broccoli, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

you’ve developed the pincer grasp too. what? how? why? the better to eat legos with, i guess. it’s extra cute when you are eating o’s, but it makes you a terror in the living room.

2013 12 21 sunshine pancakes

sunshine pancakes

you got two teeth this month! your first ones! i didn’t even notice a tooth bud and then all of a sudden you had a little razor poking through! and then barely two days later the second was in. and MY are they sharp! you like to chomp on our fingers a lot. maybe another few teeth are coming through the top? your aunt cheley said she found a tooth bud, so i guess we’ll see. but other than giving up the bottle (what is that all about??), i didn’t even know you had anything going on until we saw the tooth! you’ve just been your regular delightful self.

2013 12 21 solstice

winter solstice 2013

you’re starting to show your kid-ness. you like taking things out and putting them in. you like toys that stack and fall (although stacking things yourself is a bit too advanced for you). you are a professional at sitting; i put pillows behind you still but you don’t really need them. and you are starting to get a little frustrated with your immobility. you haven’t pushed up on your knees yet — now that you can sit you really don’t like tummy time at all — but you have tried to push yourself up..? by leaning all the way over from the sitting position. i imagine you will be crawling before too long.

you got lots of old-but-new-to-you toys for solstice from mama and papa and then lots of fun new toys and clothes and things from your extended family. you of course enjoyed the wrapping paper very much, but have also really appreciated the new toys especially. it’s so fun watching you explore your world and figure out how to manipulate new things!

2013 12 25 cousins


you love watching your big brothers playing. i often put you in the kids’ room in the morning while your brothers are getting ready for the day and you adore being part of their action. they have this silly game they play where they try to sneak around the room without you seeing them and you all LOVE it. they like to play football around you too. this makes me very nervous, but they are still mostly very careful around you. what very sweet big brothers you have.

you were great on the drive to pennsylvania for the holidays. you tend to sleep longer in the car than at home — which you probably need anyway. i don’t think you ever nap as well as you could; someone is always around making to much noise and/or being too interesting. and then you loved all of the people who snuggled you (except maybe that one time with liam). your cousin evelyn couldn’t get enough holdings of you and you LOVED grandma’s birds. you’re such a social guy — you really enjoyed all the visiting with everyone and we loved showing you around too.

2013 12 26 hugo

cool kid

another whirlwind month of being and growing, lovely. thank you for being you.

2013 12 26 seven months iii

7 months




One thought on “7 months

  1. i can’t believe another month has gone bye . . .miss all of you, but got to stay with the little Shumar’s today and that was great!!!

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