8 months

dear hugo,

busy as usual you are. thinking about crawling if your silly leg wouldn’t keep getting in the way! no pushing up from your belly — being on your belly still makes you immediately angry and you cary — but you try to lean forward from a sitting position but one leg always gets stuck under you. crawling is coming, just not yet.

2014 01 06 birthday papabirthday papa

still, you’ve started figuring out how to butt scoot yourself little by little here and there. it’s a completely inefficient mode of transportation, but not so inefficient that you are frustrated by it yet. the worst is that you can only go forward, so you do frequently scoot yourself into a table or chair leg and then don’t know how to untrap yourself. it is not uncommon for you to have a little bump on your poor head, but still, you persevere. good for you, buddy! you’ll get it one of these days!

2014 01 11 hugo ii


you are making lots of new sounds these days. mastering one and then moving on to the next. our favorite from this month is “uh-oh!” which you say enough that to us, it sounds like words even it’s just two sounds you’ve happened to string together that mean something to us. it’s so fun to hear you saying something that sounds like a word, though! i can’t believe that some day fairly soon you will actually be speaking. you have also been working on the “d” and “g” sounds and it is so fun to hear. and to watch. your face gets very serious while you concentrate!

2013 12 31 brothers ii

bubble bouncer

you’re still interested in eating all of the things, and in fact, will occasionally grunt in frustration if i don’t get you another piece of something fast enough! it’s so fun to watch you explore all of the new foods. you will try most anything if you are hungry and you will eat most anything if you are hungry too — one day you ate the entire half of an avocado! that, my friend, is a big meal even for a mama to eat!

2013 12 31 bean eater

black beans

you seem to be finally digesting food too. for awhile it seemed what you consumed would just pass through one end and out there other almost entirely untouched. it was wild. but now it is starting to look like you are actually doing something with it once it enters you belly. it’s crazy watching how your body grows and learns!

it was your first new year’s this month. we of course celebrated the actual coming of the new year by going to bed at a decent hour, but you DID enjoy a noon-time count down at the children’s museum in pittsburgh, which was fun. and then we went out to lunch and you wore fancy hats with your cousin liam and were particularly adorable. you ate a lot of black beans for lunch that day too. it doesn’t even stop being fun watching you eat.

2014 01 26 eight months iv

8 months

happy happy 8 months, darling one!




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