9 months

dear fella,

your ginger hair just keeps coming in! i can’t believe how much hair you have at this age than your brothers. how much more everything. at your 9 month appointment this week you weighed 20.8 lbs and measure 29 inches (45 cm head). that all puts you in the 75th percentile or so. i could look it up but i am lazy. but you are growing growing! you fit most comfortably into size 18-24 onesies (24 mo sleeves are too long, but often the bodies still fit well) and about 18-24 months pants. if you were walking i think it would be more like just 18 months, but between your big diaper bum and the cold weather, it’s easier to put you in things that are close to too long. but it’s been crazy to see you in clothes that i feel like i just put away! and funny to see you in things that your brothers were in such different stages for when they wore them. you’re eyes are looking more definitively grey these days too. what a fun it is to watch you grow!

2014 02 05 hugo

red turtlenecks are not for you

you’re so busy these days. you’ve always been one to keep yourself occupied, but as you grow there are more and more things or you to do! you are working so much on sounds — for a few days in a row you were waking up regularly between 3-4 am to work on some consonants (d-d-d-d-d-d; g-g-g-g-g). charming, but not as charming as during the sunny hours, my little friend. you are learning that we can communicate through sounds and it’s amazing. you, of course, screech and roar in response to the same sounds from your brothers, will parrot back “iiiiiieeee!” in response to a “hi” and watch closely when we talk to you about things. you waved back to papa once, after papa and i both showed you about waving, and we laughed and clapped and you thought that was great.

2014 02 09 hugo ii

grey eyes

you’re  working on moving around so much. no crawling yet, but working on getting there. you can scoot backwards under things (not your favorite and you bump your head and/or get stuck a lot), pivot around on your belly, and do this strange scoot/drag hybrid, where you sit on your bum and drag yourself forwards with one leg and/or lean forward and get up on one knee with the other leg beneath you and pull yourself forward with your hands. you get around and into a lot of things this way, and it is starting to stress your big brothers out. you are even starting to pull yourself up — or at least to try — on the coffee table and anything else you can reach (which is not much). but when you are flat on your back you get stuck like a little ginger turtle and this makes you ANGRY VERY ANGY until you find your toes and then you are okay with it for awhile. i hope you crawl soon, before you get too frustrated with it all, but i also know it will happen eventually (or you’ll skip  straight to walking, whatever) and i am content to wait for you to do it on your own time. no matter how many times i watch my babies learn new things, it is always exciting!

2014 02 14 hugo and papa ii

hanging with papa

you’re starting to learn other things too. dropping this can make sounds or messes. if you shake your head it feels silly. that if someone rolls a ball to you, it can be a game if you “throw” it back. that pulling a silk off your face feels good and makes funny game, and pulling it off of someone else’s face is even funnier. you are such a fun little person!

big news for your mouth — your top teeth finally FINALLY came in. aunt cheley noticed your tooth buds in december, but it was still another 6 weeks before they finally started to come in. i think you may have more coming in still, or at least the top ones are itchier  than the bottom were, because you are trying to bite my fingers a lot lately.  i guess we’ll see. the best part about teeth is that the fun doesn’t stop for another 15 months at least!

2014 02 15 sleepy h

cashed out

you love your big brothers more and more every day. when you hear them in another room, you always want to go to there. if i walk past the stairs with you and they are in  their room, you bounce in that direction,  take me up there, mama! once they were in the tub, but i had to clean your bum before you could join them, so i took you down stairs and you CRIED AND CRIED! cruel mama! you LOVE the tub and you love it EVEN MORE with your brothers. sad to say, though, after begging and begging for months to bathe with you, no they beg not to. you splash too much! haha!

2014 02 21 hugo ii


you’ve also started to cry “maa-maa” when you are sad. you are not speaking it as a word yet, but it is still heart breaking! how fun it will be when you starting saying words!

2014 02 26 nine months

9 months

happy 9 months, sweet baby boy.




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