4 years

dear calum,

my love. how big you have grown! 4! the age where i can no long pretend you are a baby. the age where the baby fat (and tiny as you are, it’s still there — just barely — yet) starts to go. the words and sentences and stories get bigger. where the kid really starts to blossom and grow. 4 is a great year, if bittersweet. how did it get here so quickly?!

2013 04 26 buddies

3 was a good year for you. i’ll admit, i was nervous. 3 was hard with your big brother. i didn’t know what to expect from you, my easy going guy. but while you spent this year becoming more of your own person, with lots of bursts of independence and I-CAN-DO-IT- MYSELF’S, you didn’t seem to be as tumbled by all the feelings and you were able to keep your cool more often than not. i’m not disappointed — we introduced a new baby into your life a few weeks after 3 last spring and you seemed to take it all in stride. partly i’m sure it’s because you already have one brother, so what’s the big deal about adding another? and partly i think that’s just you, more or less ready to roll with most of the punches.

2013 05 06 truck

closer to 4 was harder — for me, anyway. you’ve become a lot more stubborn and unmovable. you are SO stubborn. you mostly so easy going that when you dig in your heels it’s always shocking. and mostly over very stupid things, so it’s very annoying too. we’ve had to entirely revamp previous disciplinary plans that worked really well with your brother because you just don’t give an eff. seriously. it’s always really impressive in hindsight, although during-sight it makes me want to hang you upside down by your toes. one time this last year it took you 45 minutes to put away your legos. forty-five minutes. 39 of which i am pretty sure you spent sitting on the basement stairs in 1-2 minutes increments. you punk. it wasn’t until i assured you that you would go to bed and then getting up and do this stair sitting again in the morning AND NO BREAKFAST that you finally agreed to put them away. so help me child.

2013 06 12 brothers

you really enjoy having a baby. i don’t know how much you know what it means to be a big brother yet, but you love having hugo as much as you love having august. the best part about having a 3rd baby is you and august being his big brothers. he of course completely adores you, but what is so amazing to me is how much the two of you adore him right back. unlike august you seem to have easily accepted that he is a new person, or at least a new thing that it is important to be gentle with. not that you’ve never hit him or pushed him around or that you never get mad at him, but you pretty much never have given him a hard time that he didn’t deserve. and you loved to hold him (before he became a giant. and not that it stops you, you still are always in his business trying to love him to death) and to play with him and to read to him. yes he’s annoying and knocks down or eats or tears your things, and that makes you mad, but mostly you are happy to have him around. i think that’s really cool.

2013 09 26 calum ii

august going to school this year was tough for you. you feel like you are ready to go to school, and the first few weeks it wasn’t uncommon for you to burst into tears when your big brother go on the bus and left you behind. so we got you a backpack and a lunchbox and we got you some “school”. twice a week this year you are hanging out with your frenemy lola. actually, you are great buds now, but it took several months for you to realize that you enjoy her company. you still are frequently total jerks to each other, but when you are good together, you are really really good.

2013 11 28 calum

we also started speech this year, at your other school — a real school, no less. once a week for an hour at the school right around the corner from us! so great to have speech and so close too! so many wins. the only drag is hugo, who is very easily (understandably) bored. and also amusingly very very good at repeating all of the sounds you are working on. you don’t seem to notice/mind, though, and you are really starting to enjoy going very much. you like the games that you play with the SLPs and you like the other kids (a few kindergartners have speech for the first 30 minutes with you). and you are getting new letters left and right! you are very proud (and so are we) and it’s been very nice getting a better idea about what you are saying!

2013 12 21 sunshine pancakes ii

you moved into the room with gus this year. that of course was a happy/sad moment for your mama. you still wake up pretty frequently at least once a night, and we still often wake up in the morning to find you had moved into the single in the middle of the night. i miss having you in the room, but i love that you are snuggled up with your big brother. you seem to really like sharing a room with gus, too, and it is you, not gus, who occasionally sleeps on the top bunk. otherwise you both have your own clone wars comforters and pillows on the bottom bunk together. you are getting so BIG, my little one.

2014 01 13 calum

we are having a fun year spending time with your friends, josie (cho-zee), rory (yuri), and shona, seby, makiah, margot, and eamon. just almost to 4, you really started to hit your groove with kids. you’ve enjoyed playing with kids for a year now, but you’ve suddenly discovered the ones you own age/size are actually worth playing with too. and it’s been so adorable to hear you get all excited about meeting up with them by name. sure, the big kids are your biggest heroes (and all the other kids were of course invited to your birthday party as well), but it’s nice to see you making your “own” friends too.

2014 02 09 calum

we had more cavities this year. ugh. the only good news about that is you are such a laid back guy that the dentist was able to fill them without putting you under. hurray! you also grew this year too! at your 4 yr appointment you weighed 28.4 lbs and are up to 37 inches! although that’s very very big for you, it still makes you a very small peanut (sorry).


you started soccer this fall. you were always very excited to go, but still spent most of the time in papa’s arms. this spring, though, you’re suddenly very into it on the field as well, and play very very hard. you’re actually quite good as well, tiny hero. you like to kick the ball around a lot at home or at gus’ soccer practices too. it’s so fun to see you play so hard. off the field too — board and card games are on your radar these days too. and books. you LOVE ladybug girl and bumble boy, oliver jeffers books, pete the cat, and books about clone wars. and you like the same book over and over and over and over and.. you get the picture. it’s adorable/the worst.


you’ve gotten much better at the balance bike, you eat a lot more things, you love to play the iPad (surprise), and have all kinds of opinions about what shows you like (clone wars, charlie and lola, curious george, despicable me). you still love to dance. you still have amazing floppy hair (although you have expressed interest in cutting it short “like august”) (mama said no).


you are my amazing, stubborn, silly (so silly! so many jokes), obnoxious (so many butt jokes!), perfect 4 year old.

2014 03 26 four ii

i’m a lucky, lucky mama to have you!

love, always,




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