10 months

dear hugo,

you have definitely been thinking about crawling this month. a lot of scooting backwards accidentally and then being angry about being stuck under things. you do this butt scoot thing where you are sitting up and sort of drag yourself forward by your legs. you want to move productively SO BADLY. i hope it comes soon, little dude. you will be so much happier!

you continue to enjoy eating all of the things. i no longer keep a list. essentially, if you are hungry, you will eat. and wear it. we take a lot of baths these days. that’s okay, though, because you love baths. so much so that your brothers don’t want to bathe with you anymore — you’re too splashy! i got you some water based goodies for your birthday (soon!) that i know you are going to love. it’s pretty exciting.

2014 02 28 stripes


you are quite the mimic. calum goes to speech once a week and you work on the sounds with him. it’s pretty hilarious to listen to calum work on sounds at the table while you repeat them (easily. poor calum) from under the table.

you’ve been working on your signs too. you are so delighted to wave hi to everyone. so far it’s your only word and your main form of communication, so you use it all the time. it’s incredibly cute and hard not to laugh and wave back to. the sad part is that you haven’t learned how to catch someone’s attention first, so there are a lot of unanswered waves too, which is pretty heartbreaking (to me). you aren’t deterred, though, you just keep waving and hoping. ah, love.

you and papa have been working on “dada”. for awhile you seemed to at least understand that it’s a game you play with him. it’s pretty far away from actually calling him papa or any version there of, but it melts our hearts every time anyway.

2014 03 05 poor choices

how did i get under this table?

you also may be learning “hi” — you repeat that sound back whenever anyone says it to you. same inflection even. seriously, for a baby who can’t do anything, you’re quite the charming guy.

your red hair just keeps coming in. i can’t get over how much you have. much more than either brother at this time. you’re totally on some sort of weird accelerated growth curve. i can’t wait to see how all of this shakes out.

your eyes are still sea-colored. ever changing. grey or green or blue, sometimes depending on what you are wearing or just the lighting of where we are. so beautiful and so interesting.

2014 03 24 brothers

spring egg hunters!

you’re also such a tech nerd! you always want to eat my iPhone (and in fact, may have busted my life proof case with one of your 6 teeth, you punk) (life proof does not equal hugo proof, apparently) and you are DYING to get your hands on the iPad. even though you are not allowed to use it, you know EXACTLY what to do. if you actually get ahold of it somehow, you immediately swipe and tap on the apps. what? how? smarty!

i just love having you in my life, little titi. you’re absolutely the best.

2014 03 26 ten months

10 months




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