11 months

dear h,

here i am sneaking in under the wire! happy 11 months!

you continue to grow and amaze in so many ways. your powers of mimicry are astonishing and hilarious. you watch and listen to all of us so closely, and then as soon as you have something figured out, you do it for yourself. you are *this* close to saying hi, you repeat all of the sounds you hear cal practice at speech, and you have a little panda bear squeeze toy that you pretend is your cell phone. you’re not just a big guy, you have a big brain up in that noggin!

2014 04 01 raisins

natick organic farm

you’ve started to flirt with dropping your nap pretty seriously. i don’t mind moving to one nap, but it makes planning our lives very interesting. i never know which days you are going to fall asleep in the car in the morning and screw up our afternoon vs which days you are going to fall asleep long after we’ve left somewhere early. so we’re on our toes and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants a lot. it’s mostly only a stress because i do the bulk of my work during your nap, and it’s hard to be thrown off frequently, but we roll with it. what else can you do? you still nurse to sleep for nap and bed, and although that makes evenings somewhat inconvenient, it’s so lovely to have you drowse and snuggle to sleep in my arms. i still don’t care though. i am trying not to think about how our numbered our days are in that arena, little lover.

2014 04 10 commuter

the rush hour commute is such a drag, man

you started to crawl right at the beginning of this month. after calum’s birthday party, you suddenly figured it out. of course by now you are quite the professional, taking your time or zooming as you please. you even do this weird thing where you stick one leg out straight while you crawl with the other. i don’t know what it’s all about, but it looks crazy. it doesn’t seem to slow you down much though (not much does!).

2014 04 05 open gym

tunnel of love

you’re learning how to communicate more and more: waving for hello and goodbye, repeating the signs for “more”, “eat”, “up” and “water.” you are always so pleased when we understand each other. i can’t believe you will be actually speaking before long. everything is so big so soon with you.

2014 04 01 crawling


because you are a GIANT, this month you have forgotten how to roll over from your back. this is very funny — for me. you are as sad as an upended turtle when i change your diaper and you can’t struggle to freedom. although it’s silly, it’s nice to leave you while i run to get something in the middle of a diaper change. i am sure you will figure it out again soon, so i’m enjoying it while i can.

2014 04 10 spring


you’re hair of course is getting longer. your eyes are getting grayer? greener? less blue? still beautiful.

2014 04 19 bunnies

brother bunnies

you have your own water bottle now, and you love to drink water out of/make a HUGE mess with it. it’s wild to watch you eat your lunch and drink your water just like a little guy. a little guy who is rapidly growing out of all his size 18 months clothes. what the HECK, man? thank goodness it is getting warmer and i can just put you in shorts soon.

2014 04 23 the way back home

airport snacker

we went to meet your new cousin this month. you thought she was fascinating, but you didn’t like it when i held her. but when we came home and i held our new friend leela, you didn’t mind at all. funny little bird. you were fabulous on the plane, though — curious but not too much trouble — and it was fun for me to take a trip somewhere with just you. you adapted just fine to being in a new place, but the look on your face when we got home and your brothers walked in the door was priceless. you really do love those big guys.

2014 04 26 eleven months ii

11 months

happy 11 months, my cool little guy!





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