12 months

dear birthday boy,

one year old! happy happy birthday! i can’t believe it! how did a year go by already?

well my busy little 1 yr old, let’s see what you have been up to these days:

you are talking more and more and more. you love to repeat sounds — both that you make and that other people make (goodie goodie goodie is a favorite phrase of late). you like to look us in the eyes and very seriously tell us things. it’s amazing to watch as you learn how to communicate. i am certain you and certain you are telling us things.

2014 04 28 happy birthday aunt cheley iii

fuzzy pajamas

you say uh-oh a lot (often preemptively, of course) and seem to understand what we are saying. you are understanding your name and mama and papa and gus and calum. you seem to understand when we point or ask, your receptive language is really growing, it’s crazy to see the comprehension in your eyes about so many things.

2014 05 01 hippie ii


you are working and working on walking. you have started cruising around on the furniture. you are not so steady on your feet, but you are trying hard. you don’t like to be stood up by your hands or arms, but you can scoot around the couch or the coffee table pretty easily. you have begun to master the stairs as well, and although you still occasionally fall (eep!), you are pretty good about going up and down. you have figured out how to get up on the couch and on your brothers’ bed — this always stresses me out, as you can’t be trusted to pay attention and not fall off or to get down safely. you seem to have calum’s skills and gus’ lack of fear. not a particularly successful combination. still, you persevere (and give me heart attacks).

2014 05 01 must eat zzz

eat? sleep? eat? sleep!

you also do this funny thing where you crawl with both back legs straight. i can’t tell if you are working on your core this way or just don’t want to scrape your knees. or both. it’s very silly. and cute.

you have discovered the swing at the playground and it is OBNOXIOUS. you love it so much, that i don’t dare put you in it before the last few minutes before we leave, as you have THE HUGEST tantrum when i take you out, no matter how long i swing you in there. here you are, so big and with all of the opinions.

2014 05 07 real fruit smoothie ii

real fruit smoothie

i have failed to mention for several months know how obsessed you are with the vacuum cleaner. which is to say, very. it can even stop you from crying! you love to push the buttons, pull on the cord, shake your head over the fan, unplug it. frankly, trying to clean the floor with you around is a nuisance, but it’s at least a cute nuisance? i keep waiting for you to get bored with it, but as both of your brothers appear to be fascinated too, i am starting to think i am going to have to wait a very long time.

2014 05 07 tire swinger

swing lover

you are so fun – you pretend to blow your nose (we have had so many colds around here!), you wave — and say! — hi, you pretend to talk on a cell phone (anything remotely phone shaped you put up to your ear and say “elo?”, you LOVE peekaboo. you can often be found crawling across the floor with your entire head covered with a pair of papa’s boxers, or a silk, or a towel, or any other piece of material to do that job, so that when you find someone, you can pull the cloth off and SMILE. you also — much to your brothers’ delight — learned how to play the drop-the-spoon-from-the-high chair game at dinner time. yay.

2014 05 10 hugo

more than meets the eye

you do this lovely thing where you make a kissing noise and hold out your palm, so that it can be kissed. it’s a cross between a greeting wave and blowing a kiss, maybe? you can do that game for ages, and it’s adorable.

you’re getting bigger and bigger, of course. 20.8 lbs and 29 inches. you are in size 18-24 months pants and shirts. it’s mind boggling.

2014 05 11 hex bugger ii


you had your first smoothie AND your first puke this month. the smoothie you enjoyed (although maybe the mango gave you hives), the puking, not so much. it’s always so sad the few times a baby pukes. it’s so very confusing (not to mention unpleasant). you were trooper, though. you got hand foot and mouth disease this month too (poor baby! it probably has NOTHING to do with the fact that you put *everything* into your mouth) – right before your birthday celebration! i was worried you wouldn’t be able to try your first piece of cake, but you ended up feeling better by that afternoon. but you got lots of pustules on your poor bum and a few on your hands and feet and face. and it was hard to nurse. oh terrible virus! your brothers ended up catching in too. misery.

2014 05 26 birthday day crown


but even so, you had a great birthday visit with both sets of grandparents, and we were so glad to have them here to celebrate with you!

happy happy first birthday, dear little one!




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