happy birthday, hugo!

hugo’s actual birthday is memorial day weekend – terrible timing for traveling, so we invited the grandparents to come up for the last weekend in may/first weekend in june. everyone managed to overlap for one full day, which was perfect for celebrating, and then had another day or two to have the grandkids to themselves, which was perfect for visiting.

2014 05 30 new play structure

hugo almost ruined all of the plans by getting hand foot and month disease the day before the party. i couldn’t figure out what was wrong – all of a sudden his bum looked like almost chicken pox, but he hadn’t been exposed. it didn’t make sense.

2014 05 31 on the train

finally we were able to diagnose HFM over the phone with his pediatrician, which really only meant we know what was happening. there’s not much you can do but ride it out. i was a little worried, because i thought he wouldn’t have a good day, but in fact, it was just lovely.

2014 06 02 in the tunnelthe weather was beautiful so walking all the way to the green line, and then over to the swan boats. hugo fell asleep on the way to the train and didn’t wake up until the boat ride was almost over, but the public gardens were still nearly in full bloom and everyone really enjoyed being out on the water for a bit.

we bought the big kids some balloon swords and they immediately battled each other. i gave the man a 5, expecting change, but he kept it all.

2014 05 31 balloon battle

we took everyone to wagamama for lunch. all of the kids ate a little bit of something, which is always nice to see.

2014 05 31 wagamama

Then we walked through the market to the carousel there. i thought hugo would love riding up and down but i was very wrong about that. once we moved to a stationary horse he felt a lot better about the round and round part, though. gus enjoyed it and cal loved it.

2014 05 31 cal rides

we took the blue line to the orange line just for fun, and on the way home, someone gave calum a whirligig.

2014 05 31 whirligig

we opened presents when we got home and then had some cake. hugo was very confused about what he was supposed to do with it, but after a bit he enjoyed a bite or two.

2014 05 31 yum

it was a great birthday!

the big brothers got hand foot and mouth the next day, but at least everyone got to eat cake!


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