13 months

dear h,

look at you grow! you had a hairy morning wake up month.. i’m not sure why. learning all of the skillz, perhaps? for the better part of this month you were waking up between 5-5:30 am, you awful, awful child. your mama was exhausted, as expected, although it was also sort of nice to get an extra hour of work in every morning. you would wake up, demand to get out of bed, and then demand to nurse and fall back asleep as soon as we got downstairs. maddening. by the end of this month it had stopped. i have no idea what started or stopped it, but now you get up between 6-7 am and that is perfectly fine by me. now. jerk.

2014 05 29 too tall

reaching all of the things

your communication skills keep growing and growing. you like to roar for animal sounds now and your receptive language is pretty amazing. i think it’s all pretty developmentally middle-of-the-bell curve, but since you are so much smaller than your brothers we are always *mind blown* when you do something new and fancy.

you shared your first ice cream cone this month, speaking of mind blowing. you LOVED it (it was so much better than cake), and now if anyone eats ice cream in front of you (or if you THINK someone MIGHT be eating ice cream in front of you) without sharing, you have what can only be described as a complete and total tantrum blow out. i feel you, though, ice cream is delicious.

2014 06 01 helga

long hairs

in other firsts, we took you to the beach for the first time too. predictably, you loved it. you love water so much, and sand is (apparently) delicious. you kept crawling in until the water reached your nose, and then you would sit back, surprised. every time. after awhile i convinced you to just sit and play. you loved that too.

you’re quite adept at going up and down stairs these days. and up and down beds. and chairs. and tables. and, oh, well, everything climbable i guess. i pulled you down from the nook shelves the other day and took the remote control way that you had been going for. epic. angriness. i felt bad after all of that hard work, so i left you have it for a little bit. remote controls are another of your few favorite things. papa is always wondering “who recorded THIS?!!” on the tivo. um, it’s always, always, hugo.

2014 06 07 fancy hat

hat fancier

you know your papa (pah-pah, you will whisper) (also for your brothers, but still). you learned to fist bump with our friend joe. you like to read the “what do you say to a..” book with papa. and make the animal noises. this must be where you learned about roaring. i love that you love books already. and not just for eating (although you like that very much too).

you are mimicking more, speaking of sounds and listening. you yell “ih ow!” back to me when you are in the tub, standing, and i have just yelled at you to sit down. you say things like “LOOKYLOOKYLOOKATIT” and “IDIDIT” along with your usual “goodygoodygoody.” you are working do hard at figuring all of this out.

2014 06 07 hello little fish

hello, little fish

you know how to comb your hair (sort of) and what a barrette is for (sort of). you are always wanting me to put my shoes on me and your shoes on you. you like being fancy in hats – sometimes. you know what things are for, and you are always so pleased to show me that you know. i’m always so pleased to see it.

little 24 months-sized bear (what?!), how fast you are growing. i want you to slow down, but i enjoy watching you learn so much. as always, it’s bittersweet (although you’re so cute, it’s mostly sweet). i’m delighted for all the things you are so proud you can do. i’m proud of you.

2014 06 26 13 months

13 months




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