14 months

dear hugo,

as i am writing this you have one leg up on the coffee table in an attempt to get up on the couch and get into my business. of course, by the time i finished that sentence, you had given up on the coffee table and had cruised over to bang on the keyboard from your place on the side of the couch.

hugo, you are a giant pain in the ass.


first fireworks! you loved them!

i can get everything done that i need to get done while you are awake and nothing that i actually want to get done. it’s the summer. i want to read books and play a little on the computer and, yes, i want to get some work done during the day too so i can be a little lazy at night. i know i’m asking a lot here, but even mamas deserve a break some time. all i want to know is why you can entertain yourself for ages on end when i am cooking or cleaning or folding but not even 2 minutes when i sit down. it’s a question as old as the ages, i know.

if you were my first i would be feeling more guilty about being over this INEEDTOBEINYOURLAP (or stepping on your foot, apparently) attention. but as i have 2 older yous already who cannot seem to grasp the WE DON’T TOUCH WHEN THE TEMPERATURE AND THE HUMIDITY SHARE THE SAME NUMBER concept, it’s not like i have to worry that you will be getting out of my business any time soon. so i’m going to complain about it, at least a little. and put out a snack and see if it can lure you away (it did. for about a minute).

2014 07 31 beach baby

the beach is the best

you love so many things that are trouble. the remote controls for everything (you throw them on the floor until the batteries pop out. and then you try to eat the batteries..!). ladders. standing on the back of the dining room chairs and then shaking the chair back and forth. sitting on the very edge of the arm chair. sitting on the very edge of a stair. sliding down slides for kids twice your age. climbing UP slides for kids twice your age (and OH! do you get so angry when your shoes foil this plan).

you know the stove is hot (“shh shh!” you tell me, your mouth’s version of “fff” for hot), but that doesn’t stop you from being drawn to it like a moth. you would nap the dishwasher, probably, if we let you. as it is, we just have to let you “help” us load and unload it (regardless of which task we are actually performing at the time). you also frequently set the dishwasher to go on and off at random times. we know have to base our guesses about whether or not the dishes are clean on how full the dishwasher is, not that the dishes look like.

2014 07 excavator babysitter

watching the construction

you completely lost an essential piece of the newer of our 2 baby monitors. it’s fine because magically the old one started working again, it’s just. sigh. i really have no idea where it is! how do you lose things so efficiently?

you got 2 new teeth this month, completely the bottom front 4 set. it was cuter with 6, but you have no interest in slowing things down at all, do you? i’m not sure i’ve ever met anyone so intent on leave babyhood behind as you.


swimming wipes a baby out

in fact the only vestige we have left of your infancy is the occasional throwback to 2 naps. you don’t really need 2 naps, but if we aren’t careful about not being in the car around 10 o’clock, out you go for a quick one. it throws everything off of course. the afternoon nap is usually late and then bedtime is even later. but you can’t quite resist the lull of the warm back seat yet.

2014 07 24 slide climber


you know that doggies say woof woof – doggies and ALL animals, apparently. it’s fun, though to know when you’ve spotted something, because it usually results in the soft little woofing sound. you still like to repeat words – sometimes whole phrases – and that is pretty amazing too. you have about 8 words or so: woof woof, i want/moohies (tapping you chest), that (pointing) (usually it’s “i want that”), BAH!/BAH-BAH! (bye, which is usually yelled), hi (which you don’t say much, lately), fist bump/boom (lately your preferred greeting), MA!/EY MA!/MA-MA (all of which mean mama/hey mama in general and usually more specifically are issued as a form of complaint), and pah-pah (usually whispered and tend to mean papa, pappy, or hey it’s one of my brothers). you repeat “up” and “car” pretty clearly, but i’m not sure you know what those mean just yet. and you understand, “come here!”, “want to go for a walk/outside?”, and “get the ball.” so it’s sort of like having a dog, i guess.

the biggest news, of course, is that after weeks of perfecting your fighting stance, you took your biggest set of steps ever. 4! two times in a row! your grandpa and nana and uncle adam were here, and you were quite pleased to show them a step or 2, but it was too exciting to do much more than that once every started watching. you were quite pleased with yourself, though, and did a lot of clapping. since then you’ve practiced walking a little bit every few days, and have started to walk around a little holding onto our fingers. i’m really so excited about this i can hardly stand it. i love having walking babies, and i think you will like it so much more too. you are fast at crawling, but it’s frustrating for you to have to scratch your knees outside (which you usually remedy by straightening your legs and thrusting your bum in the year. when naked, you definitely look like some delicious little animal).


LOVING idlewild

you eat all of the things and more of the things, please. it’s slowed down a bit because of the teeth, but you still love to try most things. and more smoothies please. also please pass the water. although you’ve figured out how to push the straw from the water bottle back into the main container and dump it out everywhere, making a huge mess. so you can’t be left unattended.

you love the outside so much, and you will often bring shoes over for us both (again, seriously, you are definitely the best puppy ever) to let me know it’s time to play in the fresh air. this summer has been great, so we’ve been getting out as much as we can. you love having your brothers around to watch and play with too.


baby on a boat

you do other cool things like put the rings on and off the stacking pole and move puzzles pieces around and knock over towers and stack 1 or 2 blocks high. you will sit a little bit for a book and damned if you aren’t determine to get a turn on that iPad! and we took you on a BIG ferry this month and you LOVED it. you stayed holding onto the rail looking out for AGES. and then you wanted to climb up and down the stairs and mama was having none of that.


14 months

you’re a busy little bee and it’s so fun watching you go! thanks for having me along for the ride.



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