15 months

dearest texas ranger,


look, i know everyone is terrified of the day their children become mobile, but i love it. i love it when you begin to crawl and i love it even more when you begin to walk. not just because you are so much less frustrated now, but because a whole new world as opened up for you – and for me by association – and it’s such a wonderful one.


you climb everything

you started taking some steps right before we went on vacation for a week in vermont. and then you spend the entire trip just honing your craft. it was beautiful to watch. basically you spent any time that you could to walk just for the delight of it. sometimes you would walk in circle around the kitchen humming a little tune while you stretched your legs. sometimes you just lurched back and forth across the living room. otherwise you chose a target and then waddled headlong into someone’s legs for a bear hug. it was great! you also crashed out every night SO HARD from all the hard work of learning new things. you never did that monkey arms in the air thing (like august) or that zombie arms out thing (like calum), only the weird tuck your arms in like a dinosaur thing (starting at 00:21 this is almost exactly how you walk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4Eh-xpcJsY). almost a month later you are quite skilled. you can bend over or squat and pick up things. you can go up and down big stairs with some help and little stairs/obstacles with almost no help. you can even go quickly if you need to escape (you often need to escape). you still enjoy going in the wrap – for a time – but mostly you’d really like to walk there and please don’t hold your hand you don’t need it, mama!


happy birthday, mama!

you went to the pediatrician this month and now you weigh 23 lbs 8 oz (!) and you are 32″ long. my goodness! you are in size 18-24 months clothes and were a size 4-5 in shoes. mostly you just wear those little robeez slipper things or not shoes, because it’s warm and you’re just learning, but sometimes i put you in these adorable grownup sandals just for kicks. they are very cute but not good for a new walker just yet.


chilly VT

the other news for this month is that all of the rest of your teeth are coming in. at once. the bottom molars are making the most progress right now, but you have 6 other teeth on top of those that are budding. it’s making us miserable – between the teeth and the learning to walk, the end of this month has involved A LOT of night waking. you actually still remain a very cheerful guy, but mama is getting pretty wiped out. it will be nice to have these teeth in soon, i think.


even busy guys need naps

you’ve learned new words this month, including “poop”, which is an amazing first word. and you often use it to tell me when you’ve pooped or to ask me if i’m pooping when i’m in the bathroom. we also use it to see if you’ll sit on the potty. we’re not really trying to teach you how to use the toilet, you’re just naked it a lot and you telegraph your business pretty clearly, so we sometimes see if you will sit for it. you find this amusing and will often do so and it’s always pretty funny if it works. you are so pleased, even though you aren’t really sure what just happened.


cool guy

you say “cracker” too and “cat” and throw in other words here and there too. you listen to everything and repeat back A LOT. a lot is still hard to understand, but it’s getting clearer. and you are working hard at it.


15 months

it was a great month, my busy, growing fella. happy 15 months!







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