16 months

dear peanut,

more teeth! more walking! more words! that’s pretty much what you do right now, more more more things. more climbing. more playing. more growing.


quietly reading your book

this was a rough couple of weeks for sleep as your top molars pushed their way through. for several nights in a row you would FINALLY roll over to go to sleep and i was sigh and look at the clock and realize OH. TIME TO GET UP. but now at the end of the month all of your molars are through the gums and only your last 4 incisors are left. those don’t seem to be as terrible, which is nice for us both.

you’ve started having tantrums this month. honestly, at 16 months, that’s a pretty sweet deal for mama and papa. they are amazing and loud and you have OPINIONS. and you are not easily DISTRACTED. i was combing out some knots after a bath last night and you yelled “MAMA! STOP IT! GUYS!” you also know how to “count down” when the big kids are trouble. you are something else, little bird.


baby’s first apple cider donut

since you are such an expert walker (you don’t lurch anymore! mostly!), you have decided that it is time to learn how to jump. you count for yourself (da, da, DA!) and then you push up onto your toes and laugh. it’s so fantastic that i sort of hope you don’t learn how to jump for awhile.

you are a big fan of your brothers but you have begun to notice that august disappears for awhile every day. you finally realized it has something to do with a big yellow bus and you give them a big furrowed look when you gus get on them now. where is that thing taking my brother? you are always so happy to see him when he gets home, and you have taken to frequently throwing your arms around his legs and demanding smooches. august loves this at least as much as i do.


swings are your favorite

you drive calum crazy – following him around knocking over his things and pushing him down to the ground and pulling his hair. your middle brother adores you, but it’s a bit more trying for him than it is for august. and sometimes he asks if we could “just not have a baby anymore.” i reassure him you won’t always be this awful, but he is skeptical.

you learned how to say “puppy” this month when a neighbor brought their little dog over to show. you think almost all animals are great, and you are not shy about petting them, so i have to be careful with strangers’ animals. but so far you are very gentle, so we have had good experiences. you always sort of bark/roar whenever you see an animal of any kind, so that is fun too. and your favorite book (that you’ve loved almost to death) is “what do you say?”. you love the animal pictures and sounds.


apple picker

now that most of your teeth are in you are really enjoying eating all of the foods again and if are good at stealing other people’s snack as well. you can’t leave a plate – or a vitamin! – unattended with you on the prowl. you will sit in your own seat sometimes, but mostly you prefer to sit in a “big kid” chair with your butt as close to the edge as possible to give mama a heart attack waiting for you to fall off. but it means that you really aren’t restaurant friendly in the least these days, which is fine. maybe in a few more months when you don’t have so many things to do.

we also went for our first bike ride this month – mama FINALLY got a bike seat on her bike and you love to ride (once we figured out how to keep the helmet out of your eyes). we rode august to school one day, which was lots of fun, and we hope to do it again soon, and we’ve ridden to soccer practice too. it’s pretty fun to have around.


16 months

well happy 16 months, big kid! i love so you very much!





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