17 months

dear hugo,

happy halloween! okay, you actually don’t turn 17 months until after halloween, but since it’s one of our best holidays, we celebrate it all month. you really enjoy getting into the holiday spirit about things, and you have fun with all of the silly halloween and autumn things we did together. it’s such a delight watching you experience all of our holiday traditions for the first (second) time.


plastic bag ghosts

so many changes have been happening for you this month, too. your eyes continue to turn – they are looking more steadily green than blue-green, with perhaps some little shoots of brown. i can’t tell if they are turning brown or hazel or brown-green. whatever they are, they are still quite lovely – and distinct from your brothers’.


waterfront music festival

you are saying more words. just the other day you brought me a bubble wand and said very cleary, “mama! buh-bul!” i didn’t know you knew what a bubble wand was, let alone how to talk about it! you continue to surprise me with all your observations and thoughts about them. you will complain “ATCH!” when something bothers you. my favorite are the under-your-breath ones – i hate to see you get even a small pain, but it’s adorable to hear you talk about it. you like to tell me “tik-el tik-el tik-el” while your tap me with your fingers. sometimes it’s my belly of face, although lately it’s while we are breastfeeding. that’s no time for playing! you will make anything a game, though, if you can.

2014 10 12 brothers

look out, gus!

you are working on the stairs. “m-wock” you say, asking for a hand to help you take them by foot. you will grunt in concentration as you take a few, and then crawl the rest of the way. you want to do everything like the big kids do.


rainy day corn a-maze

you have been working so hard on your TEETH. almost all of them are in. it’s been a restless couple of months, but i think maybe now we can all finally rest.


you actually like riding the bike

that helps especially at night, when you will now nurse a little bit and then just snuggle into me. you fit just right under my chin and above my knees. and i just have to sleep that way, even if it’s not quite comfortable. there is almost nothing better than your warm baby snuggles at night.


what is happening to this pumpkin?

you often demand “mm wawa! mm wawa!” and no glass of water is safe around you. you will climb right into your high chair and demand food. and sometimes you will even sit there and eat it. you like so many things that it’s a delight to feed you. and a mess. still, it’s a pleasure to share with you, and you are pleased to sit even for a little bit with the rest of us at the table.


rainy day good times

you like to make lots of jokes and to play. your favorite joke right now is climbing into the kitchen cabinet next to the sink, waving “bye!” and then shutting the door while you hide inside. if i put my potatoes in there, i will find them all about the floor later. it’s become your  favorite hideaway, and nothing brings you greater delight than when your big bothers try to squish in there with you. you can almost all three fit in there too!


your papa’s new job has him frequently busy in the evenings, and you are a pest at dinner time, but we are figuring it out. sometimes if i let you crawl up in the learning tower it helps. mostly you are a pest, though. i had to take all of the knobs off of the stove so we don’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning. it’s good thing you are so cute, little busy body.


17 months

happy 17 months, my love!




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