18 months

oh my love,

18 months! a year and a half! remember how this used to be mama’s favorite age? and then you came along? and are the busiest stinker this side of 3? i can’t sit and think for a minute these days without you wreaking the most havoc available to your tiny hands.

2014 11 10 burrito baby

burrito eater

you had your first snow this month – or first that you can remember. you were quite awed. you loved sledding with your brothers and you refused your mittens. which repeatedly resulted in tears from the cold, cold snow. but oh how you wanted to touch it! but it was so cold! although i never look forward to new england winters, i do hope we get some more snow for you.

you had fun at thanksgiving too, with your great aunt nita and uncle adam here to visit. you tried many delicious foods and played and played.

2014 11 17 hugo


speaking of foods, you have decided that you love apples, and you frequently ask for them (appum! appum!). unlike your brothers, you prefer them whole, and slices don’t really interest you. you like most fruits, though, and even some vegetables. everything besides apples are “crackers”. and everything you drink is “wawa” and you love smoothie wawa the most.

now that you have proven that you can walk on your own, you feel like it’s okay to hold a finger sometimes. usually when going over slightly rough terrain or up and down curbs. i love holding your little hand, but you only want it for as long as you need it and share no sentimental feelings about it at all. indeed, when i make you hold my hand as we cross the street, you have been known to bend my pinky backwards. little charmer.

2014 11 25 autumn leaves ii

autmun leaving

you learned how to say “no” this month. or rather, “NO!”. even better is when you yell “NO! MINE!”. i’m sorry but it’s cute every time you shout that angrily. i don’t mean laugh, and i really do try not to laugh where you can see me, but angry toddlers really are just about the cutest thing.

you’re a kid who knows what he wants. “moohies?” i ask. “yeah!” you say. “bedtime?” “yeah!”. and then you give all of the smooches and we walk up to bed.


more cheeze please

you learned how to say “gun” this month too. at first i thought that maybe i was mishearing. but then you picked up the blaster (you each have a star wars blaster) and said “gun. gun, gun, GUN.” okay, then.


you are such a kid! although you still like the baby swing, you demand to sit on the big kid swings now too. and you can do it! we don’t push you so so high, but you are proud to sit up and hold on all by yourself. and then you just slide off when you’re finished, giving me a heart attack every time. you like to help with the dishwasher – putting dirty dishes in or taking clean dishes out. you’re not particular, you just like to give a hand. groceries too. goodness forbid a mama from letting you help put the groceries away.



it’s getting cooler but you don’t mind and you want to go outside every chance you get. “mmm yyy?” you ask “mmm yyy!!”. you will get your shoes “shoos!” or boots “boo-tee” and “coht” so we can go. and then heaven help me if i still have to get my own things on once you are ready. still, i love that you love to go for walks and play outside. i hope this winter cooperates with us!

you are growing growing growing, big kid: 33 1/2 inches long and 24 lbs 9 oz. No wonder you feel so heavy!

2014 11 26 ipad sneaker

18 months

happy 18 months, lovely you!




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