19 months

dear little chicken,

what a wonderful winter holiday season you had! we had a fantastic solstice here and then a wonderful christmas in virginia and then a fun new year’s back home. you were delighted by everything of course. even though it’s your second time around, everything is still new, and seeing the wonder in your eyes is just about the most magical thing. for example one night i was putting the lights up outside and one of the bulbs had burnt out, so i brought it inside to fix. i was sitting with the whole string plugged in, taking bulbs in and out to see which one didn’t work, so the everything kept lighting up and turning off over and over. you came over, sat down next to me and put your hand on me knee and whispered, “wow.” yep, that’s why we do this, baby.

2014 12 06 family

tree hunting

of course we couldn’t put any decorations on the bottom 2 feet of the tree. you mostly left the lights alone, so that was something. you almost knocked everything over trying to get calum’s basketball ornament when you dragged a chair over, climbed up, and then just leaned. but you only broke a few (more than either of your brothers ever did) ornaments and no lights and the tree did stay up the whole time here AND at nana’s. although you spent a lot of time plugging and unplugging the lights on nana’s tree and filling the tree stand up with marbles. because you have to get into all of the things.

2014 12 06 puddle jumper

puddle jumper

you especially liked our yule log and solstice poem readings. after about a week or so, whenever the lights would go out in the kitchen you would chant “yule yule yule.” you don’t miss a thing, baby! i’m sure next year you will be saying the poem or at least insisting that it’s your turn to blow out the candles. or light them. so help me.

2014 12 07 brothers


it wasn’t all fun and games this month – you got your first big stomach bug. i had just emailed a friend that evening to say that we hadn’t gotten a bug from their party. but then when i got up to pee at 3 that morning i heard papa having a ruckus. ah poor bear! throwing up is so confusing! you were quite a champion, but it took you a few days to get over it. one of the times you threw up and it splashed all over the kitchen, much to calum’s horror/delight. although when you weren’t throwing up, you’d hardly know you were sick, my little hearty cauliflower.



we got your rain boots this month and you LOVE them. you can put them on and off yourself, so that is quite pleasing. in fact, you will wear anyone’s rain boots that you can find. “boot-eh!” you say, as you show off your footwear. it even rained a few times and you got to wear them out. you were quite proud of yourself stomping around in the wet.



you learned how to say “beer” this month as well. it is simultaneously incredibly adorable and incredibly mortifying. it’s not that i never thought you would say it, it’s just sort of amazing that it’s one of your top 50 words. plus the fact that you can say “beer” and “gun” really implies a different kind of household!



you are THE. WORST. at meal times, even though you love food and eating. you love having a a piece of toast and smoothie for breakfast and woe to the mama who is slow in serving you. after eating some and making a huge mess, you will get down, get wiped off, and then climb in my chair and hang onto my neck until i feed you my breakfast. it is not pleasant. no wonder mama is always so cranky in the morning. lunch is not really a thing for you but at dinner time we have the same routine. you like to eat some of the things, to make a mess, and then to try to climb on me. i will not miss this stage.


great nana

you still love taking baths, and if i ask you if you are ready for one, you will drop everything and head upstairs. and then screech if i don’t get you naked fast enough. and when i take you back out again. because you love the water SO MUCH. one night at nana’s they let you play with the kitchen sink for probably a half an hour and you were STILL angry when i got you down to put you in dry clothes. warm weather can’t come fast enough for this water baby.


tears until chocolate

you’re becoming both more and less interested in the potty. it’s sort of fascinating. if your diaper is off you will sometimes just go straight to the potty, but you are still so small that you can’t be bothered to be interrupted if you are playing. if i take you over mid business, it usually makes you mad. even so, you are always quite pleased if you are successful. since you still have some interest we keep the potties around, but there’s no rush. you had a bit of a rash this month so we let you bum out a lot. i imagine in a few months you’ll be done with diapers all together, which is crazy to think about. although if you get too much bigger our diapers won’t fit you anymore anyway, so i suppose it’s a good thing you’re so interested. i just can’t believe how quickly you are getting into all of the big kid things.


19 months

oh my little bear, please don’t grow up so fast.




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