20 months

dear baby bird,

as i sit here waiting for the snowpocalypse, your bigger brother is at school, your papa is at a meeting, your big brother is upstairs sleeping off the flu, and you are on my lap for your nap. it’s literally the calm before the storm, and i’m appreciating every moment of it.


yikes, stripes!

you are a whirlwind, take-no-prisoners kind of toddler pup. when you are up, everyone else better be at ’em. your papa and brothers have mostly learned not to put anything down anywhere even close to your reach if they ever want to see it again, but something definitely still gets poured, eaten, torn, destroyed or all of the above on a daily basis. it’s not that you are necessarily destructive per se, but that you can’t help yourself – you need to do and see and touch and eat all of the things. it can wear a mama out, let me tell you.

it’s been a mighty rainy or cold winter so far, which means that we don’t get out as much as any of us would like. but on those rare occasions that we do, oh how you LOVE to be anywhere but home (tell me about it, buddy). the outside is still your favorite place of all, and it is always completely heartbreak when someone goes “mmm-yyy” without you. you know all about putting on boots and hats and coats, and you will bring more of them to me if asked. and even put them on if you are able. just please PLEASE take you mmm-yyy RIGHT NOW.


happy birthday, papa!

it’s hard to get far these days, though, as you had been sick and we had been traveling and exciting things had been happening, so you were often falling asleep in the car way too early and then not napping and not napping CANNOT HAPPEN I’M SORRY. for one, it makes you a complete mess in the afternoon and for two, it means mama can’t work and that is never any good for anyone. although now we’ve shifted into a phase where fine, you’ll just skip your nap all together thank you, and frankly that is not good for anyone either. you still nap most days, but already i can see signs of nap dropping in your future. i am hopping you’ll hang on through most of the upcoming school year at least but i’ll guess we’ll just see, won’t we, stinker?



ah you are getting so big! here are some of the fun new things that you do:

*since you love babies so much, nana let you take a baby doll home from her house and you love to carry it around. you like photos of babies and babies in movies and babies at the store. you can say “baby” and for awhile we even had a baby doll stroller upstairs for you to push around. but then you kept getting stuck inside of it and now it’s back in the basement.

*you are talking talking talking so much! you have learned your bigger brother’s name and so you are always so pleased to talk to him about things “gus!” you will say, followed by who knows what else. but you are always so pleased to get his attention. one afternoon you were both sitting together and gus got up to do something and you hollered “gus! SIT DOWN!”. gus was so surprised that he did it. and we all laughed and laughed.

*you like to help with things so much – unloading the dishwasher (and turning it on and off at nana’s house. grandpa did not find this so helpful), putting away the groceries, putting coats away, unfolding clothes (well, that is not so helpful). if i let you, you would plunge all of the things too. we have to keep the bathroom door closed or you will carry the toilet plunger around. actually, that is not so helpful either, frankly. you do keep us on our toes!

*you love to give kisses, and most nights you need to give smooches before bedtime. everyone is always happy to oblige, and it’s my favorite part of your routine. you like to give hugs too, and you will shout “hug-oo!” before you throw your arms around the object of your affection. this is adorable but also tends to happen in the middle of my trying to do something else, like put your coat or shoes on or brush your hair. i can’t tell if you are deliberately trying to derail me or if it just makes you think of it since we’re already so close.

*you’re learning to stick your bum up in the air for wiping. it’s useful, but the hard part is getting you to put it back down again. one of these days you are going to faint.

*you love trying to say new words. you will immediately parrot song sounds after hearing us sing something, and one night you were quite pleased to be able to shout “wha-wha-wha krass” in an attempt to get permission to watch wild kraits with your brothers. you want to watch movies so badly! this next 16 months is going to be a long hard wait for you.

*you learned how to say “circle” just last week and today, “honey.” you are absorbing everything like a ginger sponge. i told you the other day that the new tripp trapp we bought from a friend was going to be for you as i put it in the car and then when i want to get it out you patted it and looked at me and said, “mine shair”. my goodness.

*calum’s SLP taught you how to say “pease” when you want something and now when you want something so very badly (so all of the time, basically) you will desperately make the more sign and beg “pease! pease!”. indeed, just yesterday you wanted more veggie booties but i wanted you to have some fruit instead and you looked at me with those big hazel green eyes and chirped “mo! dis! pease! pease!” and well how was i supposed to say no to THAT?


papa snuggles

you like to curl up in bed with your brothers during their bedtime stories. you are awful and distracting and you are never allowed to stay for more than one book unless for some reason we WANT them all wound up read to be awake all night, but it’s pretty adorable to see you all curled up in there. you’ve decided that we don’t nurse in my lap for bedtime anymore either – you want to “seep!” and you pat the bed and i have to pull the covers over you and we nurse lying down. it’s very sweet and also obnoxious when you want to switch sides.


bedtime book reader

you want to do all of the eating things by yourself too, please. if someone tries to feed you or hold a glass you shout “NO!” and then you tap the table over and over “dis, dis, dis” until papa or i put the object in question down and you can feed of drink it yourself. it’s very very adorable and very very messy.


snow helper

you will tell me know if you peed and i need to get the towel. you will sometimes tell me you need to use the potty and we’ll have time even to take off your diaper. as this is not actually something i am pushing you to do, it’s fascinating to watch you learn about this process. you are always very delighted to wave everything away down the toilet and of course always want to carry your potty yourself. there ARE some things mama still insists on doing around here.


20 months

happy 20 months, my sleepy love, i can’t wait to see what you think of all the snow tomorrow (so far you think snow and sledding are rather grand).




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