21 months

dear hugo,

what a crazy month your 21st was! the record breaking snow fall of the winter of 2015 occurred mostly this month and it was wild. we spent a lot of time inside going slowly crazy this month, but a lot of good happened too. you really enjoyed going out into the snow and you really enjoyed having everyone around so much (no work and no school for so many days!)


you like to steal papa’s spinach pizza

the toughest part of the big snows that we spent the first storm with you and calum down for the count. first you and then calum got sick – a fever with a little bit of throwing up. it was over pretty quick, but i originally felt sad that the two of you would miss out on all of the fun snow. silly me, of course, as we’ve now all had our fill and then some. but you were a trooper and only down for a bit and then up and ready to go again.


sit! here! mama!

your communication is amazing. you say so many sentences. it’s still things like “PAPA! ‘MERE! NOW!” but you are good at getting your point across. and it always a surprise and a delight to hear you tell us what you are thinking.


new paintbrushes from nana

you don’t like to be fed anymore, also, thank you very much. if i try to hold a cup or spoon for you, move your head away and jam your finger repeatedly onto the table. “here! HERE!” until i let you do it yourself.


salem chocolate and ice festival

you pick up so many things from your siblings. they spent a lot of the snow days singing the most obnoxious song that they created, “butts in the USA”. now you sing it too: “BUTT. SAY.” just great. you also fake burp now too followed with a “SKEE ME!” it’s very charming.


snow tunnel!

you love love love apples and no one eats one in front of you unless they are planning to share. papa has lost many a lunch apple to you during breakfast, so now he has to quickly sneak them into his bag. it’s fascinating for me to watch, as your other 2 siblings only started to eat apples when i started slicing them. the fact that you will just bite right into a whole one is such an interesting change. and you’ll eat most of it too.


chocolate covered pretzels!

you spent a good portion of the month learning how to jump and it has been AMAZING. you are so, so proud of yourself now and still spend quite a lot of time perfecting the technique. now that you can jump with 2 feet from the ground, you are working on jumping across the room. it’s definitely up there with the most cutest thing ever that you can do.

2015 02 03 reading monkeys

reading with gus

you discovered the hexbugs this month and they are your newest obsessions. the problem is that you also like to put them into your month, so now we have no working ones left. they were fun while it lasted, though.

2015 02 09 smiles

plaid pajamas

you very much like music and songs and right now your two favorite are “happy girls happy boys” and “uh’down“. happy girls and boys you will sing “‘appy gurls” and uptown you regularly demand. that one is the most amazing to watch, as you stop everything you are doing to stare. occasionally you will shout “ooh!” with the song, but mostly you are just entranced.


311th uptown viewing

we had some fun visits this month as well – aunt nita came and we went to salem for their chocolate and ice festival and later nana and grandpa visited too. it was also gus’ birthday, so you got to have some cupcakes at his birthday party too (we got lucky, the storm started after his birthday party that time).

2015 02 17 snow eye

snow! eye!

it was a strange and wintery month but a good one too. happy 21 months, sweet baby.


21 months




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