22 months

dear hugo,

the snow is slowly melting and we’ve been getting out of the house more. going to the library and to curtis hall to play in the big open gym space. anywhere we can drive and then be back home again in time for nap. you immediately get a shovel when we get out of the car and begin to push snow around. “shubble?” you ask. some days it’s warm enough that some snow melts and then we stomp in puddles. this is a new favorite thing and it’s nice to have exchanged the snow boots for rain boots, at least some of the time.

you cry when it’s time to go inside. believe me, i am over being stuck inside too.

2015 03 01 snow smash

arboretum adventures

you’ve very busy inside too of course. all the bathroom doors must be kept closed so you don’t constantly flush the toilet. and drag the toilet plunger around (why?!). or take everything out from under the bathroom sink cabinets. you have become very interested in the train set calum asked for for solstice. you can build a track of sorts and you love to run trains on it. it’s amazing to watch you putter back and forth from the coffee table to the train box and back again as you choose and connect tracks and trains.

2015 03 22 cool guy ii

cool guy

you’ve been teaching yourself how to jump too. it’s very very cute but also a bit obnoxious. you jumped into my mouth one afternoon when i was helping you into pants – ouch! and even when it’s not painful, it gets harder to get you in and out of clothes, you can hardly stand still. but it also means you are jumping off of every possible thing you can stand on – mostly just curbs and stairs and the ground so far, but i can see how this could lead to tragedy.

2015 03 14 chocolate bunnies ii

chocolate bunnies

you were tested for lead this month and were fine. i guess that means you mostly don’t put things in your mouth anymore. or perhaps at least not rocks and dirt?

you are talking talking talking so much. you have a lot of words and you are willing to try a lot of words, but the best is when you tilt your head and look us in the eye and unleash a paragraphs worth of babble. you are SO sincere. i always feel bad that i don’t know what you are saying, but it almost always makes someone laugh, and that always pleases you.


grandpa giggles

you also frequently say, “mamahalpmewidis.” and of course then i have to help you. how can i resist?

i finally installed our new doorbell after months of our old one not working and it is one of your greatest delights. it’s almost impossible to walk in the door with you awake and not pressing it. which, whatever, it’s not that i mind the doorbell pressing but it’s STILL SO COLD PLEASE SHUT THE DOOR ALREADY GUYS.


i paint?

despite all of this busyness, you are not the best napper right now. i fear we are not quite active enough to wear you out. we need that sunshine to start working double time and soon!

2015 03 26 22 months

22 months

happy 22 months, ladybug.




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