23 months

dear baby bunny,

the biggest news this month is that you’ve stopped wearing diapers. one day you told me you had to poop so we took your diaper off so you could sit on the potty and then there was no going back after that. i started keeping you bum out after that and it took maybe two weeks before you started to get it. i wasn’t in a rush, but it seemed like you were pretty ready, so i though we may as well strike while the iron was hot so to speak. you were your last diaper on the way to grandma and pappy’s for school vacation week and that was it. we did stop 7 times for you to pee on the way home (and 2 times for gas and once for dinner) making the trip take us 11 hours instead of 9 1/2 or so, and that was pretty terrible. but on the other hand, now you’re solid. you still can’t take your pants off by yourself, so we have to keep an eye out for you and you still sometimes have accidents when you don’t tell us soon enough or if no one’s around, but on the whole you’re down with the whole diapers thing. frankly, i’m a bit shocked about the whole thing. i don’t really mind diapers. i can’t believe we’re finished with them forever. just, wow. you are really determined to catch up to everyone around here, kid.

2015 04 05 i found it

i found it!

your words just keep coming and coming. you love to repeat all sounds – from sirens to songs to animal noises to new words. it’s all so much fun for you. we went to a seder celebration with some neighbor friends and you tried to sing some of the songs. you’re a delight.

2015 04 18 baby dancing

baby giggler

you also an awfully polite guy. you say thank you and you’re welcome appropriately almost all the time and it’s still a surprise every time. you certainly didn’t learn manners around here! you also like to tell jokes A LOT, so you will frequently whisper earnestly into my or papa’s ear – making us laugh – and then you cock your head to the side and jut out an elbow and wave the elbow up and down and crow delightedly, “hugo funny!” which of course makes us laugh louder. which was your plan all along.

this month the snow actually melted!! so we have been outside as much as possible. this means you are sleeping better and longer – and also that we all of us are so much happier. everyone missed the sunshine! and the grass!

2015 04 18 hugo belly

hugo belly

your big brother learned how to ride a pedal bike this month – which means you inherited his balance bike. which you picked up and said “my bike!” and then proceeded to ride. listen, i know you watch everything your big brothers do and i know that you are even a little big for your age and very strong, but even your very physically capable older brother couldn’t really figure out the point of balance bikes for ages and AGES and he was well over 2 1/2 when he finally decided the whole bike thing wasn’t a total nuisance. i get it, third babies have a lot of motivation, but my little friend, sometimes you positively astound me. now if i could just get you and calum to ride bikes in the same direction …

2015 04 22 dinosaur guy

dinosaur guy

we went to pennsylvania for gus’ spring break this year and while there we saw a lot of babies (A LOT of babies). you LOVE babies so much. you were so please to hold them and talk to them and watch them and try to play with them. you brought them things and showed them toys and if poor aunt cheley didn’t respond to your cousin lillian’s tears fast enough boy did she hear about it from you. i love how much you love babies – what a sweet and loving cousin you are! and what fun you are going to have when we all get together of the holidays – the crew of you are going to be so much trouble.

2015 04 26 twenty-three months ii

23 months

happy 23 months, lovely.




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