2 years old

dear hugo,

you did it! you’re two! “um – DO!” you will say with some prompting. sometimes. you are nobody’s monkey.

and it’s great to be two, buddy! you are really your own person these days and don’t let anybody forget it! you have started to throw some epic tantrums, which are incredibly adorable, as you are the third baby and no one is afraid of tantrums anymore (sorry). but it takes a lot to make you well and truly angry and the tantrums are few and far between. and mostly stem from injustices wrought upon you by your older brothers who are honestly just trying not to get in your way. you are busy and wild and always in everyone’s business. and we all try to let you be involved as much as possible, but you are still a huge wrecking ball, so more often than not someone has to be working interference while everyone else is having a good time.

2015 04 27 sticks

collecting sticks for creek throwing

you are extremely put out that you can’t watch movies (wha-wha-while era’s! wug-tewa!). and then way you snuggle into the couch when it’s time for you to go to bed while the big kids get some screen time is so adorable that it’s tempting to let you watch for sure. but papa and i remain firm and this makes you very sad. but you are not totally deprived – you still get a handful of uptown funk viewings a week more than you probably should, so all is not completely lost.

you are always quick to steal a phone and i have found mine disabled for 4 minutes or more more than once. you’ve also chewed off the top lip of my phone cover. i am sure it’s still totally waterproof. little rabbit.

your hair is well below your shoulders now and long enough to wear it in a top knot on top of your head. it’s really my favorite look on you and will be difficult to part with. but now that you are 2 it has been promised that it will happen some day. but not today. not yet.

2015 05 03 mini golfer

mini golf

holding you in my arms now or seeing you stretched out on the bed – you are so long my baby boy! where did all these knees and elbows come from? every day you remind me a little bit more that you are a baby no longer (34.5″, 28 lbs!).

we had a few nights/mornings of bed wetting, when you were so sleepy that you forgot not to pee. i was able to get you quickly to the potty sometimes and then after a few more times, suddenly you got it completely and it hasn’t happened since. i always find potty learning so fascinating – what happens in little brains to make this click or not click? but whatever it was, we are already over it, and you almost never have an accident any more at all – when sleeping or otherwise. you still can’t quite get your pants off by yourself, so you still need help with that, but you are not able to hold it long enough to make it to a grown up who can help you almost every day.

2015 05 15 jumper


you continue to love all kinds of music. one of your new favorites is “i got bills” by lunch money lewis. but somehow you have gotten this song mashed up with “i don’t care i love it” by icona pop (I GOT BILLS – I WUV IT!). you’ve also mangled the words for shake it off -“shake a baff” – into a cross between a dance move and bath time.

you continue to demand to be considered one of the big kids. this includes running up to papa and yelling, “YOU WANNA FIGHT?” before throwing yourself at him.

you have words upon words upon words. there is almost nothing you will try to say now. it’s very cool to hear you participating in conversations. you are also absorbing everything are fascinated by everything. a lot of your day is spent telling or showing or asking us about something, “wookit DIS, mama!” you still say “mmm” for “i want”. as in, “mmm b’eckfiss, mama”.

2015 05 21 stitches


you’re very polite – you thank me for everything. plus the way you say it is fabulous, “thaaank YOU!” even when we switch sides during nursing you thank me. it’s very silly and sweet.

this month we gave calum a pedal bike that we got from a friend. you immediately determined that therefore the balance bike must be yours. and picked it up and proceeded to ride it. already you can lift up your feet.

you are very concerned about your brothers’ well being. when they get in trouble you always want to know if they are ok. if i am okay. “mama, yo ang-ee?” you ask me.

2015 05 23 top knot ii

top knots

the fun part about 2 is that i can still sometimes get you to do things by telling you not to do them. this is usually for getting you to pee before bed or nap time. i am amazed every time it works.

the other big news for this month is that you got stitches! we were talking to the bus stop and you tripped and hurt your kneed. i thought it was just a scrape, but when we got to the bus stop i saw that your whole pant leg was wet with blood. after some clean up, it seemed to me that there might be some glass that i could not get out, so we went to the pediatrician. he did not see any glass but thought you should have stitches. we went to children’s and oh what an adventure! you were mostly fine during the waiting – running and climbing and jumping as if everything as fine – but then got very sad when anyone touched your knee. first they put some numbing agent on the skin. then later they gave you some versed and a local anesthetic. the dr in the ER got the glass out and sent you for an x-ray. sure enough, there was still another piece of glass. we got that one out too and after another x-ray they stitched you up. children’s was brilliant and had a tv and an ipad for you and all of that really helped. the worst part was not eating for hours and hours. at the end you got a popsicle and a motorcycle (calum too, for waiting so patiently). it was a long day (we left for the pediatrician’s office a few minutes after getting home from the bus stop and got home just in time to pick up your biggest brother) but you really hung in there. i was proud of you both.

2015 05 26 birthday crown iv


happy, happy birthday, hugo!




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